How to Use Blogging and SEO to Help Local Business

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Running a traditional brick and mortar business is not an easy thing to do. And if you’ve never run one, then you will be surprised to find out that it takes a lot more effort than you imagined. Among many other concerns, one factor to consider is competition. If you are located in a busy city then it is likely that there are many shops in the same industry as your’s. In such a case, how can you make yourself stand out and attract more clients? One way is to create an online presence for your business, which will allow you to reach customers who are not simply walking or driving by.

While in many cases it would be desirable to attract customers from around the world, a brick and mortar shop owner should first focus on targeting local clients.

And to this end, there are many ways to make your online presence felt. SEO is one such technique that runs along with this goal and it can help you a lot in boosting your local business.

Along with the SEO, one should also consider blogging. Blogging allows a business to share their services and personality beyond the constraints of their walls. Both SEO and blogging play a crucial role to boost your business, both locally and internationally, but as we are concerned with how it can help your local business, we will share the best few ways:

How SEO Helps To Boost Your Local Business?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps your website become visible in the search results of all the main search engines like Google and Bing. As you improve your SEO, your rankings rise accordingly. And as your rank rises, so does your exposure to potential customers. Here we are sharing a few ways in which SEO helps to boost your business. As an example, we will be using Panumart Tattoo in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Tattoo Chiang Mai with Panumart Tattoo – Thailand’s Best. Located in a tourist destination, these are the steps they took to attract customers both from Thailand and around the world:

  • Create A Google My Business Listing Page

The very first things you need to do it create your Google business listing page and do the same for other search engine pages. This acts as the directory and shows your page when someone from your area searches for your business type.

  • Local Directories

Local directories are another great thing that can help you to dig out gold from mines. This can help you get customers from the locality. You may think it won’t work, but it does as people always look for the local directories when searching a particular service.

How Does Blogging Help To Boost Your Local Business?

Blogging is something that you should rely on when you want to boost your local business and this is what tattoo parlour did.

  • Reflect Your Brand Online

Everything you present to potential customers says something about yourself. So in that vein, everything you create should be something you are proud of. You should show off your personality, your products and service, your staff, etc.

  • Update Local Events And News

Updating and writing about the local events and news in the blog section of your website is great for customers and for SEO, which is further great for ranking.

  • Use High Quality Photos

Internet viewers are graphic-oriented. Use great photos to capture their attention. But at the same time, don’t forget the importance of words, as they do a better job of providing details.

These are the practices that have found success for Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai. If you follow such practices for your business, you will achieve a greater likelihood of success in attracting customers to your business.

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