Impact of Modern Technology on Workers’ Compensation Claims

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How can technology and workers’ compensation be discussed on the same platform? You might be wondering. But the way technology is redefining, reshaping and revolutionizing the modern era, impossible is a word finding its place only in our imagination. The rapidity with which technology has made inroads into the field of workers’ compensation and become a dormant yet dominant determinant for the claiming process is amazing. Technology is definitely a tool for workers’ empowerment in the tricky process of compensation claims. But how? Let us find that.

Modern Technology Is Smart

Nowadays, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are providing the employees with valuable and up-to-date information about claim process. The workers can now check payment information and claim statues in real time right from their tech devices. Thanks to the new-age technology, they can now meet with their managers and examiners on a virtual platform. This virtual meeting can be held at the workers‘preferred time. They just need to have the right types of apps on their devices to enjoy such facilities.

Correspondence Is Automated

Both the business owners and claims authority can make a good use of automated correspondence to generate notifications via text messages or email in a real-time response to claim queries. It adds to organizational efficiency and releases resources and time to be invested into the area where impact is required – supporting the out-of-work injured employees. The process also results into enhancement of productivity, achievement of employees’ satisfaction and cut in operational cost.

Solutions on Apps

Who thought even a couple of decades ago that electronic signature will eliminate the need of putting pen to paper? Once beyond imagination, now a reality! Paperless work makes claim processing faster through acknowledgement and quick settlements. The mobile apps enable the workers to enrol for direct deposit without any legwork and paperwork. Biometric authentication has replaced the paperwork and instead, simplified the process of sign up even from a distance.

These self-service tools are becoming more advanced and feature-rich to help the injured workers interact immediately and effectively. Integration of refined tools and technology assures customized service to those passing through troublesome time.


More feature-dense apps are friendly with mobile devices, tables and smartphones. With this latest technology, the industry is on its journey from a primitive period to mediaeval phase and now a modern era that is ruled by prescriptive analytics. Apart from the common variables for claims, predictive analytics has a strong influence on text-mining procedures. This allows the claims authority to classify the higher cost-claims and other important elements not properly documented.

Video Conferencing

With advanced technology, real-time interaction and exchange of views among the injured persons, case nurses, lawyers and others – even when they are at different places – is possible. With increasing popularity of social media sites, more advanced newsfeed-style apps are in development as these help in faster claims processing through real-time interaction among the involved parties.

Sky is the only limit for technological progress. Emerging technology will most likely to witness more revolutionary change in the landscape of workers’ compensation.

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