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The question “how to write in a blog?” has several possible answers depending on how you look at it. Someone who decides to create a blog wants to share something with an audience. We talk about content in general, whatever the format (text, audios, videos, photos, etc.). On the one hand we have the content, and the purpose of a good blogger should always be to share something of value, something relevant, something important. Something personal too.

In short, something that deserves to be read.

On the other hand, by essence, the word audience itself implies that the blogger is in a kind of continuous process of searching and capturing readers. There is in each blogger this schizophrenia, this permanent struggle between writing for the reader or writing for Google, writing about vital topics or surfing about popular topics. So go prepare because you will have to find your own point of balance to write important things that reach the eyes of many readers.

Before you start: the differences between writing a personal blog and a professional blog

If I could divide the blogs into 2 classes, I would surely do it between professional blog and personal blog. The first are those in which the author seeks to achieve an economic return, while the latter are a kind of journal 2.0 of the author who only seeks to express his opinion.

But many people find it difficult to create compelling content for commercial purposes and for that they need a professional content marketing service that not only provides interesting content but also helps them to reach more customers. Based on my experience, Hitexter is one of the best. This service is really qualified because it only creates targeted content in a clear path. No need to worry your content will be wasted because once you hire Hitexter’s services, you can pour your entire idea into your content. If you want to reach more customers in non-English speaking countries, you can tell Hitexter and they will fulfill your request with just one click.



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