Increasing Followers in Instagram: The Perfect Deal for You

Considering the numbers concerning the use of social media by consumers and the influence that these tools have on shopping experiences, it goes without saying that many companies that are not on Instagram risk not being considered or even forgotten, especially if the potential consumer is very young. In 2014 Forrester called it “the king of social media engagement” , claiming that the social media was able to guarantee brands 58 times more engagement per user than Facebook, and 120 more than Twitter.

Currently, there are 8 million companies that use company profiles on Instagram and, according to the Instagram blog, in the last period more than 120 million instagrammers have visited websites, asked for directions, called, sent e-mail or direct messages to find out more about a company. Now that there are ample choices to Get Plus Followers the deals are perfect in every possible manner.

Feed a good reputation online

Users share on Instagram the images of the products they wish to buy both before and after their use, asking for suggestions, opinions and then expressing an opinion on the purchase experience. In these contexts, a sort of word of mouth is created, a phenomenon called word of mouth, which can benefit the company by feeding the brand reputation. The company is therefore faced with a tool that allows it to control this phenomenon. Seems to be a great contribution, right?

Direct relationship with the consumer

With Instagram, the consumption experience also changes in terms of relations between consumers, potential consumers, and the company. Through the platform, users are more likely to ask questions, request and relate to the company before buying a product. The Instagram profile of companies, which presents additional features compared to private ones (button to contact with a click via email, text and voice) very often becomes an easy-to-reach customer service, to refer to for any need. And this generates in the consumer a feeling of familiarity that, in the end, leads to loyalty and therefore to purchase.

Promotion tool

Since a few years on Instagram it is possible to publish sponsored posts, just like on Facebook Ads, indeed, thanks to the social media of Zuckemberg. To set up the campaign, in fact, it is necessary to have an account on Facebook, through which it will be possible to set the various options regarding: campaign objective, budget, duration, target, positioning, etc.

If you take into consideration the number of people that can be reached all over the world, this opportunity transforms Instagram into a truly valuable tool for promoting.

Facebook + Instagram: do you remember that the two social networks are linked in the promotion of advertising campaigns? Well, after having listed the 5 reasons why it can be useful to open a company profile on Instagram, we come to talk about practice.

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