Introduction to HostGator’s Unlimited Hosting and Money-Saving Coupons

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Many aspiring bloggers and website ownersmay feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of hosting options available on the web. But if you want to shortlist your potential candidates then there isonewebhosting companythat you cannot go wrong with: Hostgator.

Hostgator is known for offering affordable and reliable hosting plans to bloggers and small businesses. In this article, provided by Webhostingology, we see the basic shared hosting features offered by Hostgator, plan prices and Hostgator coupons.

Basic Shared Hosting Features

Hostgator, throughout its shared hosting plans, offers unmetered storage, unmetered bandwidth and 99.9% uptime guarantee. The basic plan starts at $6.95, but you get 60% off using a Hostgator promo code.You will find more on Hostgator offers at the bottom of this post.

In addition to these features, Hostgator can let you host unlimited domains which mean that users can manage all of their websites from a hosting plan using the same server.

What Is Unlimited Storage?

Unlimited hosting, such as unlimited storage, is a marketing gimmick by web hosting companies which allow you to keep adding as much data (such as pages, images, video, etc.) to their website as you need, without having to pay higher fees. For website owners i.e., such as travel bloggers who constantly upload media content, having a hosting plan which includes unlimited storage is essential, as this gives them the flexibility to add as much video or images as they need.

Does Unlimited Storage Really Mean Unlimited Storage?

However, one thing is worth clarifying. Unlimited storage doesn’t mean that you can use the entire server’s disk at will, since sometimes hosting providers restrict the ways you can use their disks. Unlimited really means “within reason”.

It is the webhost who determines what amount of data or bandwidth is reasonable. In this case, if Hostgator see that your server receives too much traffic, or streams too much video or has too many image downloads, so that it can potentially slow down or even crash other websites hosted in the same server, then you will be asked to upgrade to a dedicated server or VPS hosting.

Hostgator Coupons 

With Hostgator being among the elite web service providers in the world, with favourable reviews in reputed industry magazines and millions of satisfied customers worldwide, you might expect that hosting your small website on their servers might be terribly costly. However, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Hostgator’s offers 3 main plans:

The “Hatchling” plan, ideal for beginners wanting to host only one site. This is $6.95 per month, but it is reduced to $2.95 using a Hostgator coupon code “FREEUPGRADE3” that applies automatically at checkout.

The “Baby” plan, ideal for those who have multiply blogs to host. This is normally $9.95 per month. However, the same coupon applied at checkout reduces your investment to $5.95 per month.

The “Business” plan, which is good for small businesses as it offers SSL certificate, and a Dedicated IP address. This is normally $14.95 per month. However, Hostgator voucher code “FREEUPGRADE3” saves you as much as $9 per month, making this plan the best value for money.

The discount prices apply for a 3-year period, after which when you renew you will have to search for the latest Hostgator renewal coupons online in websites like Webhostingology, right here

Note: These prices are as of the date of this post and are based on a 36-month subscription. You do not have to take a 36-month contract as there are shorter terms available. Obviously, the shorter the term the more expensive the plan will be. The prices of these plans have been at these levels for many years and they are not expected to fluctuate a lot in the near future.

Hostgator’s main competitor is GoDaddy, who also offers attractive deals on shared hosting.

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