Is SEO or PPC Right for Your Business?

There are two options when you are trying to boost traffic to your website: pay per click advertising (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO). PPC involves paying for adverting on Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. You pay whenever someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website. SEO involves getting traffic to your website by building high rankings in search engines. In order to do this, you need to use SEO best practices.

Deciding on which is better is going to depend on your needs and budget. PPC involves getting fast traffic. Once you set up your ad, you can start getting traffic immediately, but you are going to have to pay for it. SEO is a much longer process, but if you have a smaller budget you may want to consider it, because you may not have to spend a lot to achieve results. There are some questions you want to ask in order when deciding on the right online marketing efforts.

How Big Is Your Advertising Budget for Your Website?

When doing PPC you can set your daily limits low, but you should probably start with a minimum of $10 a day. PPC can give you some benefits. You will be able to test faster because testing requires that you have website traffic in order to see if the changes you make improve your conversion rate. PPC also provides instant traffic. PPC can help provide protection for the Google algorithm changes, which is one of the weaknesses of SEO. If you don’t have a big budget, then you will need to focus on free SEO methods.

How High Are the CPCs in Your Industry?

In order to determine if your budget will work for PPC, you will need to look at what other people are paying for the ads. You can use free tools to determine what the cost per click (CPC) is for the specific keyword phrase you want. Depending on how high your CPC is and how much you profit off one website visitor, you may find that SEO could be a better fit.

How Competitive Are the SERPs in Your Industry?

SERPs are the listings on the search engine results pages. Enter your keyword into the Google keyword research tool to tell you the competition level. You can also use this to find the average CPC. You can just search for your keyword and see what the results are. If you find that the first results are authority websites, you may find that they are hard to replace without a lot of time and money and PPC may be a better fit.

You don’t need to necessarily make an either or choice, and may find that a combination of both PPC management and SEO efforts work best for your website and give you optimal results. PPC does have a learning curve and you want to start small. With highly targeted campaigns, you won’t blow through your budget before you get the hang of it. Make sure your PPC campaign is tied to your Google Analytics account, so you can see the conversions that come from PPC visitors and determine ROI.

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