Is your eCommerce Site slowing down? Look For These Hazards!

Ecommerce websites help to update products at any time, promote or sell the products via the internet. Customers have become much more relaxed now. Buying goods and necessities have become so much simpler than before. One can sit at leisure and search for the desired products and buy in a few clicks. Hence, it can be concluded that shopping is much more convenient now.

The ecommerce business solutions permit a company to market its goods or services directly through the ecommerce website. The experts lead the industry in the entire designing and development processes. All these result to bring success online sales rate.

Ecommerce web development is presently a hot topic in the market. Since the entire marketing dynamics has shifted online, it is essential for ecommerce companies to step up their game and become more sleek and relevant with their designs. According to any established web design and development company in Delhi, web pages of most business lack the swift loading that is essential to keep your customers from drifting away. Keeping your load time in check is vital since it is one of the key factors based on which Google ranks your page, hence determining whether your page will at all be a part of the search result even if your content is relevant to the user. Let’s be real, very few people check the 2nd page of the search result. Therefore to remain relevant and a priority it is important to bring down your webpage’s load time. But there are a number of factors that prove to be hurdles in the quest.

Choosing the incorrect CMS

Content management systems play a vital role in determining the throughput of your webpage. While there are a lot of CMS’s to choose from, any prominent web Design and Development Company Magento eCommerce Manchester will rely on systems that are specifically built for ecommerce web development. Use content management systems like WordPress, Drupal or Magento, which are specified for ecommerce websites. Often a combination of the different content management systems, suit the requirement of your webpage perfectly.

Inadequate web host

An ecommerce website is bound to face immense traffic at some point of time. At such a moment if your domain is hosted by a host that is inadequate, your webpage will often fail to load at all. Hence it is essential to invest in a good host that can handle the spike in traffic and help in the smooth running of your webpage.

Large number of DNS look ups

An IP address is honestly a terrible thing to memorize. Hence the domain name system masks the horrendous IP address with an easy to remember domain name. Now when the browser tries to load your webpage it looks for the domain name system for the corresponding IP address. This process is called DNS lookup. However if your webpage has embedded content of other webpages, the browser has to look up the DNS of these other web pages as well. The greater the number of look ups performed the greater will be the load time for your website.

It is therefore essential to design your ecommerce webpage intelligently and it is perfect to let the job be completed by a recognized web design and development companies in Manchester which will ensure that your webpage can avoid all the hazards that normal unprofessional ecommerce websites are prone to.

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