Know About The Four Common Types Of Tech Debt

There are four common types of tech debts which are deficiencies that are present in codes, development environment, technical documentations and third party tools as well as a development practice. This makes it very difficult for the development team to bring effective change in the system. In short, tech debt is a metaphor which makes the code to work with and acts as an invisible killer within the software project which must be immediately and aggressively managed and paid off. Such paying off becomes more effective when you know the type of tech debt so that you can make a strategic plan for its fast repayment.

Debts Due To Lack Of Tests

When you ship a code without proper testing, project bugs are bound to creep in resulting in technical debt. Codes which are not substantiated and protected by regular tests are very hard to work on and bring any required change in it. Without testing, project developers have no or very little confidence in the code and the change they might have brought in to maintain the functionality of it. Tests confirm that nothing has been broken in the process of reworking and refactoring the code system and there would be no harm or any further accumulation of bugs in it. This problem is very common in Legacy codes which are believed by experts as codes without tests.

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Codes With Bad Design

There can be the existence of tech debt when a code is poorly designed. It is usually the flaws that are existent in the structural design of the code and has three prominent issues which must be focused on while designing. You must follow the rule of ‘Once Only’ while designing and do not duplicate the same behavior several times within the code base. The code designing should be highly modular also for proper functioning and must be loosely coupled and highly cohesive to each other. Apart from that, there must be an invention revealing name with each of the modules designed. This would help the developers in the later stages to identify what is the function of the module.

Absence of Technical Documentation

When the documentation is exhaustive, it is easier for the development team to find the code and work on its change. It must also be readable, and the code length must be short enough as longer the code harder is the maintenance. Use other developers to read it, break the code in virtual modules using relevant comments, use common code practices and keep no secrets so that future developers find it easy to read the code.  

Impediment To Teams Agility

When you have high amounts of tech debts, it acts as an impediment to the agility of the development team. Therefore, it is essential to know the cause of tech debt in the first place to pay it off with interest as soon as possible. If you have too many tech debts, prioritize them just like you would do for all your other debts to pay it off with the best debt consolidation loans and save your business from an early death.   

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