Know how to increase the capacity of your Samsung Galaxy s5

While purchasing a phone, we never want to settle for less no matter the amount we pay for it. Amazing quality camera, sustainable battery life, hard glass screen as well as a vast storage space are all the features we require our phone to possess.

But no matter how big your storage space is, it always seems less as you can never get enough of music or your favourite web series. Before you know it, all your storage space is gone. The Samsung galaxy s5 comes with amazing features but filling up of storage space is something a lot of people have experienced and want to get rid of it.

So here are a few ways you can try to free up space in your Samsung galaxy s5 and enhance the battery for Samsung galaxy s5 phones.

Delete your downloaded files 

After downloading something check your folder to see any unnecessary file which got accidentally downloaded. Delete them to free up space.

Use an SD card 

No matter how big your phone storage is, using an SD card always helps. Transfer all your photos, videos and document files to your SD card. This way a lot of space is created for further installing apps. Go to your camera setting and change it to storage into memory card, that way you don’t have to work extra to save pictures into SD cards.

Move applications to your SD card 

If you go to your applications setting you will see there are options provided with your installed apps to move them to your SD card. But only selected apps can be moved. Applications eat up the majority of your space also slows down the battery for Samsung galaxy s5 phone. This way you stop such mishaps from happening as well.

Regularly deleted cached data 

Cached data comes into your phone system through applications. Get rid of the cached data regularly to free up your space.

Delete social media trash and data 

Whatsapp and Facebook take up a lot of phone space by storing unnecessary media. Delete the unnecessary sent or received media regularly.

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