Learn how to track someone else’s cell phone by Google

Tracking other people’s cell phones can be very helpful and some specific situations, such as in the case of cell phone theft, when the person disappeared for some reason, or even to find the car that was stolen. Want to track boyfriend phone? Just read on!

The functionality is also important, to find the children or other family members who have been to some unknown place. It is possible to monitor the person’s movements from wherever they want, thus verifying their precise location on the map.

All this thanks to GPS technology – Global Positioning System present in the vast majority of smartphones of last generation, it is possible to do the tracking of the cell in a very simple and practical. But to do the screening of another person’s cell phone, that is, when the device is not in your hands, it may be something a little more complicated to do, but not impossible. Top operating systems in the smartphone world (Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows) all have native systems and applications that allow you to track your phone only with device owner login credentials.

When the user has these login credentials in the store account of the device, they can locate someone else’s device, regardless of where they are, as long as the GPS configuration in the phone is activated. Here’s how to find someone else’s phone using the official smartphone apps. You see, this is a legal way to track, so there is no need for procedures that may violate the law or the privacy of others.

The principle of tracking other people’s mobile by Google Android

Google has a free tracking service for their android devices over the internet. To access the “Find My Device” application, enter your https://www.google.com/android/find?hl=en on your mobile or desktop browser.

On the page, you’ll need to sign in to the app. At this time, if you are not the owner of the device, you will need the login and password data of the person’s account on the smartphone. This data is a Google email and a user-registered password, when the user first used the mobile phone. The world map on the right of the screen will show the exact location where the device is located.



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