Legal Case Management Software for Creating the Perfect Customer Experience

Use the CRM-program bpm’online to automate the processes of marketing, sales and service.


Expand the horizons of relationships with customers using legal case management software

Customer experience is a combination of many factors affecting the entire cycle of interaction between the consumer of the product and its supplier. The customer experience is influenced by a lot of factors: correctly chosen time and place for brand advertising, the contact center and support staff being competent, the behavior of the company after the purchase and during the entire period of its product operation, the way the brand behaves when the customer wishes to stop using his product and so on.

Key features of the CRM-program

CRM-program, on the one hand, puts the process of customer management on a scientific basis; on the other hand it turns building relationships with them into art. As a software product, legal case management software cannot think and make decisions, but it is able to unite all client processes in a single information space – in marketing, sales and customer service, providing employees with tools and accurate Information for making the right decisions.

Align the client base

Efforts and funds spent on attracting customers should not be wasted. CRM-program will help to keep and correctly use the information about clients. The system receives all the necessary data:

  • Leads, information on their sources.
  • Information about clients: addresses, contacts, relationships. Intellectual enrichment of data from open sources and social networks.
  • Orders, appeals, stages of transactions and bills.
  • Purchase history, call records.

Handle Orders Promptly and Without Loss

Legal case management software will help quickly process and store all incoming requests: orders, calls, calls and messages.

  • The processing of orders is absolutely transparent. Watch for the status of orders, stages of transactions using convenient dashboards.
  • Process large streams of client requests promptly. Distribute incoming requests between managers on various parameters: the transaction amount, order status and so on.

Communicate With Customers on All Channels

Organize an omniscient contact center with legal case management software. Take care of customers and provide each of them with the best conditions and service.

  • Work with mail from CRM or with CRM from mail, make calls or reply to client messages in chats, without switching between interfaces.
  • Save and analyze phone conversations to improve the quality of service.

All Types Sales Management

When the lead is ready to complete the purchase, the sales management process begins – transferring the customer from one stage to the next in order to successfully complete the transaction. At each stage, the best tactics of interaction are determined, key participants, requirements are clarified and competitors are analyzed.

  • Manage all customer service processes.
  • Manage the client base; keep the history of interactions with customers. Segment and analyze customers by different criteria.
  • Monitor the sales department using the sales funnel. Plan and control sales in different sections.

Customer Service Management

Bpm’online customer service provides all the necessary tools for quality customer service, taking into account ITIL recommendations.

  • Create an omniscient contact center. Handle queues for calls, make mass communications, exchange information with colleagues and track your own performance indicators, not switching between sections of the system – in a single operator window.
  • Manage incidents and problems.
  • Create a single catalog of services to systematize the support service.

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