Linking in the Ways You Need Now

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When you read a book, naturally, your eyes are attracted in the first place by the most highlighted elements. In general, these elements are the titles, then the paragraphs and finally the accessory elements such as the footnotes. When Google analyzes a web page, its reasoning is the same. To purchase links you can find the best deals.

The Use of the Titles

The titles will be considered more important than the content of the paragraphs, themselves more important than the footers or any links located on the side and not attached to the content. Also, the links in the titles will have more value than those in the paragraphs, which themselves will be much more valuable than isolated links not incorporated in the content of the page.

  • Similarly, a link highlighted in bold, or located at the beginning of the article, will see its value increased in the eyes of the search engines. The more the link is visible by the reader, the more it deserves to be taken into account by the engine, logic, after all, right?

Concretely, our advice: Promote the links located directly inside the text, and not on the side or the footers.

A user-oriented and ethical link

Search engines struggle against low-quality SEO methods, which seek to improve the positioning of a site without taking into account the interest of users. Today, SEO methods that work are those that serve the cause of a web that is both ethical and participatory. Today, if you add a link on your site as part of an exchange, you will have to ensure that this link is visible and useful for your users, otherwise its value is greatly reduced.

For example, if the link you are adding is at the bottom of the page, drowned in a lot of inconsistent links and content that does not interest the reader, it’s a safe bet on this link will have little worth in the eyes of Google. You cannot be demanding with your partners if you have nothing better to offer them. You must therefore adopt a responsible and ethical attitude to offer content on your site that is both open to others and useful for your readership.

Concretely, our advice: Do not make links to partners that you do not assume or only half: do not hide your links.

The age of the site: a criterion among others

  • Your links engage you, highlight only those partners who are worth it to you and whose site may interest your users.
  • Google gives a seniority bonus: old sites with regularly updated content have more weight than newer sites.

The engine probably considers that the administration of a site is a job that requires perseverance, and that those who persist with this burden are more reliable than the young people who land, still green, in the jungle of the web and SEO.


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