Linux vs Windows: Which is Right Software Option for You

Whenever you approach any web hosting company for the hosting services the first question that you will be asked is about the software option you like to use. Most of the web hosts will give you a choice between a Linux server and a Windows server. Your decision of choosing anyone server from Linux or Windows depends on the kind of development language or database you have planned to use with your website.

Even if the decision of choosing the server option depends on the language you have used in the development of your website, there is a 99.9% chance you are going to be recommended by the web hosting providers to use Linux hosting. The needs of Windows hosting are very rare and you can only use it if you have those specific needs. Due to the difference between the Linux and Windows, making choice between these both software options become tough for a person who is a first timer.

To help them out, in the next lines of this article, I am going to discuss both of these software options in details so you can make a right choice.

Linux Hosting:

Whenever you buy a web hosting, if you do not mention it separately you will only get the Linux hosting as a default software for web hosting. For the development languages like PHP, Python, Ruby or even MYSQL, the Linux is the solution for you. Furthermore, the websites of this era are getting more customized due to different ready to use software to power your website. You will find many plugins like blogging platforms, content management systems, e-commerce tools etc. with many free and open sources tools on the Linux which are very handy to keep your website customized and exactly according to your needs. The best thing about these plugins and tools is that they are free to use in the Linux, unlike the Windows server where you have to pay licensed plugins and tools which at the end of your hosting increase the overall expenditure of yours.

Windows Hosting:

It is not like that the features of Windows are entirely different from the Linux. Everything which you are getting on the Linux is available on the Windows hosting too but at some additional cost. However, when you are building a website with any Microsoft specific technology, then you are going to need the Windows hosting because it is what it made for. The Windows exclusive programs like ASP.NET, SQL server and active directory run best when you publish them by using the Windows hosting. Furthermore, developing a website based on the .Net programming language is much easier on the Windows hosting due to the free versions of Visual Studio which is a basic programming language designed for the purpose of creating a various application that runs on .Net framework. One aspect in which the Windows hosting is ahead from the Linux is its usability and user-friendly interface. For the beginners, the Windows a very easy method of website configuration. For example, editing the BIND configuration files are much easier on the DNS servers are much easier on the Windows as compared to the Windows.

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