Make The World Greener With Your ProGo Propane Scooter

The primary aspect a Los Angeles-based company ProGo Recreation drew general attention to in their promo campaign was, of course, the ecology and care about the environment. Indeed, for the centuries the industrial sphere’s been developing, planet’s ecosystem has suffered a simply incommensurable amount of damage. Air, forests and seas – everything is subjected to an irreversible effect of the ecological disasterthat we are forced to witness today. Now it is the time for humanity to stop and think what kind of abyss we are all approaching! It is the time to start producing ecologically clean wares and goods, like the one ProGo Recreation has recently introduced to the mass audience – ProGo propane scooter.

Minimum efforts and maximum safety

If you got chance to use a gas-powered scooter, you should remember how starting the engine often turned to be a burden due to the carburetor gum-up issue. With propane scooter ProGo 3000 trouble like that will never bother you again. All because the fuel burns completely, leaving no wastes that can cause the earlier mentioned troubles. Besides, the vehicle comes with an easy pull start function, allowing your engine to be started with the first attempt. You pull the cord, hear the engine working, mount the scooter and start your trip – it’s simple as that.

Speaking about driving experience, a 16-oz propane canister attached to the frame on the rear side of the vehicle, allows your scooter to stay on go for about 2-3 hours. The front and rear disc brakes are primarily equipped to immediately react on any possible situation on a road and prevent unpleasant consequences. In combination with a relatively low maximum speed (20 mph) it will just keep you safe in all you journeys. So as you see, driving vehicle is nothing complex with all the featured safety measures in stock.


Four-stroke engine and eco-clean fuel

When describing the benefits of owning the ProGo scooter, one can’t omit the fact it comes with a four-stroke engine. To know all the advantages of this engine type it’s highly recommended for you to have a closer view of the product’s manual in order to get some detailed information. In this article we’ll just say it relieves you of such issues as problematic cold start and carburetor gumming. There’s no need to bother with priming or choke, like you did it with two-stroke engines. The new ‘heart’ grants you with a brand new riding experience and allows you to finally relax from constant noise and smell of exhausts.

As to exhausts, propane is the type of fuel that after combustion dissolves in the air completely. The scent of burnt fuel won’t ever chase you again as you ride to your work. Neither your clothes will smell of the gas exhausts, which, no doubt, will benefit to your relations with colleagues and mates. All in all, a purchase like that is going to change your life for better. And, as was said in the headline, the green colors of your eco-clean transport are going to make the world greener and better as well.

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