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Today, all major brands are leveraging the power of social media to market themselves and connect with their audiences. Creating a brand identity and leveraging well planned social media campaigns are an art unto themselves.

How your campaign will go varies depending on your platform of choice.

While its number of peers has risen, Twitter has remained a major platform for online engagement. Twitter has actually continued to grow and will likely keep doing so. If you’re interested in how to leverage your Twitter account, keep reading.

Fred Harrington is someone who has talked about twitter automation extensively. He is here today to share some of his other top tips:

Improving content

Your company’s brand identity has many ways to reveal itself. One of them is one Twitter, examples of brand identity done right can be found in Gary V and the o-so-sassy Wendy’s page. Be sure to keep a consistent theme in the way you approach your tweets and replies.

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Tweets should feel natural and people should be compelled to genuinely engage. What you want to avoid at all cost is pushing a sale. The goal is to add value to the conversation (whatever it may be). Even though planned, this earnest approach increases trustworthiness and recognizability for your brand.

Engage your followers, they’re potential clients

When it comes to using social media, many want to let people come to them. However, when people finally do, they take it for granted. If someone takes the time to retweet or message your Twitter page, replying isn’t only a decent thing to do. It’s a smart thing to do. Continuing the conversation with followers can make them potential clients or customers.

Sharing is caring

Engaging with followers is fantastic, but don’t forget to share information from other sources. Always remember that altruism pays online, especially when you can tag the source. So long as the content you share is relevant, all is well and you’re still adding to the overall conversation, or at the very least, giving more information to be conversed about.

Take advantage of the social aspect of social media

While you’re sharing content, be sure to follow and tag other likeminded individuals in your niche. There is a multitude of tools and apps to help find people and businesses in your region and industry. They can and should be used to positive effect. Simply having a ton of followers isn’t enough. Your followers should be engaging you on your posts and finding these people takes work.

Helping people is part and parcel of social media marketing

When this article mentions adding value or adding to the conversation, it’s referring to helping. A major part of your marketing strategy should be helping others in your niche become more knowledgeable. The people who visit your account should leave feeling that they’ve taken something they can use away. This is what will bring them back.

With what you now know crafting a campaign should be much easier than before you began reading. Use analytics, experiment and use Twitter to ask more the more experienced. You can also try famoid twitter for gaining followers on twitter.

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