Methods that are effective and can help boost facebook live viewers count

Ever since its launch, facebook live streaming video feature has managed to be most useful feature for everyone. As this feature has recently been introduced by social media giant, so, it is obvious that they do not face much competition in the current market. The icon is available for users such that they can easily click it from their mobile gadgets as well.

Users can freely upload or download videos and others can Live stream it at their own convenience. Facebook offers its customers with an option where they can upload video lengths of 30 minutes. The videos can also be saved easily making use of timeline feature.

So, business owners can upload their conference sessions, sales pitch, market survey, or even presentation freely. It is obvious that facebook offers business entrepreneurs with full potential to run their business openly on global platform.

How to make use of this feature?

Well, it is easy to make use of this particular feature as most facebook live viewers are already aware of it. Business owners just have to open up their facebook account and then get started by uploading videos in real time.

How to ensure you benefit from this feature?

Well in order to benefit you may just have to focus on using it perfectly for your own benefit.

FB button feature

This is one of the features that most advanced website owners are providing with. In present time, website owners try and add FB button option for users on their website. Views just have to try and locate your webpage and get started with viewing your videos.

Manage short series

When planning to attract customers for the long run, it is advisable to avoid creating single time video only. Instead it is much better option to try and create series after series for your viewers so they may come back every time to locate new uploaded video. This will ensure that your business has maximum benefit from this strategy.


When you upload your real time video, ensure that it is very much interactive for your viewers. Try and focus on methods that can help customers to share or like your video. This method will always ensure that your fan base increases every time someone views your video.

Promotional offer

Facebook live views is all about running successful business online. So it is important that you need to make it promotional for your viewers. Social media certainly has the power to boost the performance of ay business or services today.


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