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ArchiverFS placement allows the movement of an unlimited number of old files from 1st line storage to any UNC path (NAS, SAN, on-premise, Cloud) while maintaining each files NTFS permissions, dates, and properties in a manner that is seamless and efficient. You will get lots of options as well as the flexibility to process your files in anyway that suits you, and not some company who is trying to have your sign up for five or six figure sum year after year only for hold your old data for you.

Why deploy archiving software

If you are reading this, then you will probably recognize one of more of the items below, but have you considered all the benefits to deploying an archiving solution to tackle your old files?

Restore times

What if you could restore the files that people need first in the event of some disaster, and worry about the rest later? This company enables you to separate the 1st and 2nd tier storage, while making this approach possible. What’s more with us, you won’t need to re-install any agents or client components to get back up and running and making recovery in the event of a disaster much faster.

Free up space

The less data you need to store on your 1st tier storage the longer it will last. The company has taken all of this into consideration at one time or another. You specify a new storage system by predicting the amount of space you will need in fewyears’ time, and then you add something from 20% to 100% just to be sure. A year down the line you find that the data has grown far faster than anyone expected and you must start looking at buying spindles for your SAN or attaching extra shelves. We will help you tame that growth and extend the file of your systems.

Ensure regulatory compliance

In the United Kingdom, the Data Protection Act is soon to be replaced with the GDPR regulations. Most other countries have something similar, and they almost invariably set limits on how long companies need to retain data for. Meeting these requirements is extremely challenging for many companies, especially if they have a lot of data that is unstructured. We will enable you to specify exactly how long you want to keep file system data before it can be disposed of.

Cut time spend on backups and other services

Old data does not change much. Yet every time you do a full backup of your systems, you will be backing up these static files. With your old files migrated off to 2nd line storage you can back them up less often, and this saves on backup costs.

New version

Version 3.460 has been confirmed for early Feb 2018. It will include several new features including functionality that will allow users to tag files for archiving, and support for project\folder archiving to assist customers in the legal and financial sectors.

Other company programs

The company also has two other software programs for sell.

Process Controller

Process Controller lets you take control of the process running on your systems. It enables you to use the processing priority engine already built into Windows to control how processor time is distributed among all running processes. Using Process Controller means that you can automatically set priorities for running processes and have them persist between reboots and process restarts, thus making systems far more responsive for the end user. A priceless tool in Terminal Server and Citrix atmospheres.

IP Spider

IP Spider is this company’s newest mass network route monitoring solution. It does something totally unique in the world of monitoring. Instead of focusing on endpoints, it is designed to monitor the network routes between them. You can add in hundreds of IP addresses and IP Spider will watch over the routes hop by hop to the remote IP addresses, notifying you when connectivity is lost and diagnosing exactly where the problem is. IP Spider is currently in development and will soon be needing for Beta sites. If you would like to take part in beta testing please drop an email to us at

What is next?

Feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions, we are here to help. When you download a copy it will have a free license that will allow you to create up to 5 scheduled jobs and with it is no limit on the entire number of size of files every job can process up to 100 files. . Each time a job runs this is theperfect size for smaller deployments or those looking to take it for a test drive.

For more information, please click here.


MLtek was formed back in 2003 by Mark Laverty. While working in the IT industry for over a decade, Mark identified several gaps in the market for specialized software solutions for common IT problems. Often the current software on the market seems overly complex and typically overpriced.

Since 2003 they have been providing solutions that are innovative to the various IT problems faced by companies and organizations across the world including the United States, Europe and just about every other country in existence. They specialize in creating software that solves big problems in simple ways. ArchiverFS, Process Controller and Ultimate Monitor are all examples of this approach.

Simple, targeted and clean designs focused on a specific problem and executed with single minded purpose. You will not find any “bloat” or unnecessary features in any of their software, it is all designed to do a specific task and engineered to do that task as efficiently as possible.

They are members of several industry bodies including the Organization of Independent Software Vendors.

They value your feedback and would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to let them have any feedback you might have. Please feel free to either contact them via the contact uspage or drop an email personally to


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