Mobile App For License & Membership Renewal Reminders!

Take a look in your wallet and count how many forms of I.D. you have in there… Driver’s License, Gym Membership, Union Card, Work I.D. The list can go on an on. The average person has about 10 pieces of I.D., licenses, certificates and other cards in their wallet. Professionals could have twice as many still! That’s a lot of information to carry around with you, not to mention the size of your wallet; trying to stuff that into your pocket or purse.

Now imagine being able to store all of that information on your mobile device, protected by layers of security… with simple set up and easy access. That would be a great benefit, wouldn’t it?

ID’doffers you exactly that… quick to download and simple to use.

So how does it work? Available for IOS and Android devices,ID’d is used to store a digital image of the front and back of your document along with an expiry date. Edit the title of your new item and save it under 1 of the 4 categories to allow for quick and easy retrieval, when you need it and you’re all set!

But what’s that you say? What happens when your I.D. or membership document is due to expire? Glad you asked, because that’s the huge benefit of using ID’d! Once you’ve saved your document you can set a notification for 30, 60 or 90 days. At that time, you’ll receive a notification straight from the app to your phone a well as an email alert. Now you’ll never have to worry about an expired license or membership again!

Once you start using the ID’d app you’ll find more and more reasons to keep using it…




ID’d has 4 categories to save your information to, making it very quick and easy to access your license or membership info:


  • Driver’s License and plate sticker renewal
  • Health card and travel insurance
  • Home & Auto insurance


  • Trade license renewal for Welders/Electricians/Mechanics etc.
  • Certificate of Qualification renewal for Healthcare workers/CPR/First Aid/WHMIS
  • Union Renewal reminder


  • Hunting/fishing license
  • Hunting Tags
  • Firearms license
  • Gym membership


Specifically dedicated to storing credit card info for quick access

Maybe you have an elderly parent that you are caring for. Their driver’s license needs to be renewed more often and you can’t always rely on a paper reminder being sent through the mail.Maybe the mail went astray or the letter was misplaced? Either way, it becomes at the very least, an inconvenience to sort out. ID’d has you covered;helping you to keep track of important renewals that mean your parent keeps their independence.

ID’d is free to install and use, with optional upgrades to add more documents as you need them.

Download ID’d from the App Store or Google Play today and take a little stress out of your life!

NOTE: the law may require you to carry certain forms of original documentation on your person. Always make sure you follow Local, Provincial and Federal laws as they apply




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