Mobile Users are at the Risk of Surveillance in Smart Cities


Despite the keeping, the world constantly interconnected and even offering a bump in security over its predecessor, 4G and even 5G mobile networks are overwhelmed with the paleness of getting hijacked and getting DoS attacks. On the top of that, they are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The researchers of Positive Technologies Telecom Attack Discovery have successfully determined the security of 4G signalling networks and have discovered that the vulnerabilities cause by the elementary deficiencies in the Evolved Packet Core. Now, this could result in the disconnection of one or more than one subscribers.

The worst part is that the susceptibilities don’t even need to have a separate attacker to have separate sophisticated tools or skills. The can easily be exploited with a laptop and all it needs to have is a free software installer for the purpose of penetrations tests.

The man behind all these also has the ability to intercept the mobile station ISDN number of the user along with international mobile subscriber identity, the location of the subscriber. Then the attackers will go for the attacks get access to the all the browsing history, encrypted mail, text messages.

Researchers working at Positive Technologies Telecom Attack Discovery have revealed that the employees of virtual telecom operator can possibly carry out the multitude of the attacks as well as by the external attackers whoever gains the access of the infrastructure of the operator.

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4G and 5G Connectivity are yet to be ready for the Smart Cities

Professionals at Positive Technologies have identified flaws in EPC’s FTP protocol (General packet radio service Tunneling Protocol) and they have revealed some shortcomings in the protocol given. Before the interception of 4G LTE voice-call required by the attackers, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of certain specific protocols that are mainly used for the purpose of voice calls.

But again, since 4G networks are designed on the principle of the all-IP network, the attackers can make use of all available hacking tools that are largely automated. In addition to that, they even do not require a deep understanding of the nature of the attack being made. As per the security report that was published by the firm reveals that the susceptibilities always result in a number of potential threats such as-

  • disruption of services
  • threats to the industrial Internet of Things
  • collection of data
  • interception of user data such as text messages, calls, unencrypted emails, internet traffic

To get rid of all these hassles, security experts recommended using apps that provide encryption for communications so that it safeguards the date and most importantly identifiable information.

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