Now Synchronizing Your Galaxy Phones With Mac Is Easy

It may be hard to believe, but Android and Apple can work together. Let’s see how to make them communicate. Ok, but it is true; it is simple to sync an iOS device to your Mac.

So if you are one of those users using Android Galaxy and wish to sync with MAC there are pretty much solutions available now in terms of apps. Below mentioned are the best apps that synchronize Android Galaxy with MAC.


It is one of the most popular one that tops the chart. Syncmate, an app to sync Galaxy phones with MAC that comes equipped with lot of versatility like backup, sync, mount on MAC disk, manage your text, calendars, contacts, bookmarks, browsers etc.


A prevailing solution that lets you to transfer media files between Samsung Galaxy and Mac without linking iTunes for iOS related features. It allows you install, import, uninstall, import, backup, and manage contacts, transfer media files, backup and SMS messages.


A good service that helps manages and sync media files between Samsung Galaxy and Mac computer. It has an Android client that can sync and backup directionally between device and computer. The drawback is that if you wish to sync your contacts and calendars it won’t be possible to do so. It just offers media file sharing.

Android File Transfer

One of the best app but with few drawbacks; the app is basically a file transfer app by Google that simplifies sending files back and forth between Samsung Galaxy & Mac. The app doesn’t support personal data synchronization and batch file transfer which will probably make you look for another app offering syncing data.

With the increasing demand in the users of file transferring, syncing it is obvious for an innovation of an app to come in the market which takes care of the user requirements. Initially, there was an issue of not able synchronizing between two different technologies; however with the advent of the above mentioned apps it has been made possible for the user using Android technology.

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