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People must be well aware of the term search engine optimization that helps a search engine in extracting the content, blogs and articles with the words that have been entered by the user in the search bar of the search engine. Administrators work hard to optimize the keywords keenly so that an article or a web page gets extracted and displayed when a user search with similar keywords. Keywords are important in search engine optimization but ever wondered how do images get extracted when one types a keyword and click on images or search especially for images?

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It is done by creating computer vision algorithms for images where each and every image is developed and put on the database with an algorithm that contains the names of the things that are present in the image. This helps in running proper algorithm when user enter a keyword and if the keyword matches with any of the items present in the algorithm of the image then that image is extracted and displayed in the image list on the screen.

Image data extraction is done via constructing the code and algorithm according to the image. Each and every image has a description and letting the professional know about the description can help them in figuring out the keywords keenly so that the algorithm can contain those keywords and that would further help ion optimizing the search process.

Image classification and search work for people who create and put images on the web. The designer and graphic person who built images or a person who click pictures and put them on web so that people can get to see it, download it and use it in proper ways needs this services. Just uploading an image on web is not enough if it is meant to earn one some money. Contacting proper professionals can be a good way of making the images display when people search for similar things.

Professionals at image classification and search helps their clients in tagging the images, classifying the objects present in the picture or image and provide recognition to the same in the algorithms behind the images. For example- ion case a picture clicked is a collection of various gems found in the world and a person has entered the keyword sapphire. The picture would never get extracted by the search engines in such case if the algorithm or tagging does not contain the word ‘sapphire’ in it.

Hence, constructing a proper algorithm that would contain the names of each and every object that a picture can ever relate to is important to make it get the maximum number of views. If a picture depicts a tree, a bench, a lake and a setting sun then the code must have the words in it so that it gets a view whenever a person searches for any of the above mentioned objects either entered alone or in a combination. Hence, image data extraction completely depends upon the keywords that a coder has put in the computer vision algorithms for images.

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