Internet marketing is taking over, in this scenario having a website isn’t enough. To beat the competition, it is imperative to have a website that is visible to the customers and appear on the top of on renowned search engines. Competition is getting tough, there are so many companies and websites selling the same services or products, how to ensure that you get noticed by your users?

This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes to save. Currently, there are several companies making their marketing strategy effective by incorporating SEO in it. However, remember the effectiveness of SEO depends on how well it is done. This raises one more question, should it be outsourced or done in house. This blog will certainly answer most all of your question. Here we have coveredboth advantages and disadvantages of outsourcingSEO or doing it in-house. There are two sides of every story, so why not know both before making a decision.

In-House SEO: Advantages

  1. Your brand is better understood by In-house SEO experts which leads to better understating of company nuances and challenges associated with it.
  2. In-house SEO provides complete control over the strategies and their execution.In case of urgent changes, SEO experts can be contactedimmediately.
  3. In-house experts have soul attention on your website and focused SEO leads to defined improved rankings.
  4. In some cases, In-house SEO is less expensive as compared to Outsourcing.

In-House SEO: Disadvantages

  1. Change is the only constant thing, algorithms of search engines keep changing, and one need to stay updated always to provide desired results. If you are doing in house-SEO then you need to spend money and time to make SEO experts learn new tactics and stay updated with the changes.
  2. Staying updated with the new trends might be time consuming for you when doing in-house SEO. Outdated SEO practices can further affect ranking of your sites.
  3. Few tools are required for website optimization and if you are doing SEO in-house, you would have to but those tools which means an extra expense. Also having these tools will not do the job, training is required to run those tools.

Outsourced SEO: Advantages

  1. The best thing about outsourcing SEO is that you get an expert team to work on your website. You will not have to worry about the latest trends because expert and dedicated SEO agency will take care of the SEO strategies.
  2. Outsourcing SEO service can be little expensive, it depends on your project and target market, but it’s worth it.
  3. Because SEO agencies work on different project/with different clients, their experience may get you better rankings. The wider the perspective, the bigger the visibility.
  4. You will not have to spend time, money, and effort on hiring in SEO team of your hire and SEO agency.
  5. Outsourcing SEO will save you from being affected by the pressures of other marketing aspects.
  6. A dedicated SEO team will bring you faster execution better results.

Outsourced SEO: Disadvantages

  1. You will need to spend till time explaining your business to the SEO agency, thorough explanation will lead to better work results.
  2. You would not know about the time and efforts put in by the team to your project as the agency will be handling more than one website at one time.
  3. Some agencies may use black hat SEO technique to get desired results. Before hiring any SEO marketing team, inquire about the techniques they would use.

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