Public and Private Cloud Computing 

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The Cloud refers the services and software storage that runs on the Internet instead of a computer. This means no using computer storage for things like half-watched episodes of a television show, pictures and articles. It also means not holding on to endless number of USB sticks with needed information. Once the definition of a cloud, it is important to know whether to get a private, public or hybrid cloud. What is the Cloud?

The History of the Cloud 

This is not a new computing service. It dates to the 1950s. During that time, the mainframe was so large it could take up an entire room. Many organizations could not afford to purchase an expensive mainframe for each other employees. So, a time-sharing method was developed. This let multiple users share and store data. By the 1990s, the development of cloud overcame a major problem, not having enough bandwidth. Once that occurred it was available for the masses for use in public and private. 

What is a Public Cloud? 

Public cloud is the Internet. Cloud storage providers use the Internet to make resources like an application available to the public to store their information. They are often inexpensive to create because the application, bandwidth and hardwood costs are not paid by the user. The security of a public cloud is high. The person doesn’t need to maintain the system as much as they do without other types of cloud. 

What is a Private Cloud? 

A cloud can be private too. A private cloud allows a person to store information on it just like a public cloud. However, a private cloud is created for one user, not the public. In fact, each private cloud is made for a single company and provides scalability, flexibility and monitoring. A private cloud has two formats: externally and on-premise hosting. Those private clouds are best for companies, not individuals. They have more administrative control and are designed for the specific business needs. 

A Company can Use a Hybrid Cloud Approach 

A hybrid cloud allows the company to maintain control of a cloud managed by a private company while replying on a public cloud as needed by the company. The business can customize its’ clouds features and pick the ones they need. With hybrid cloud, private information can be place on the private part of the storage application. The less important data can be placed on the public storage. The public and private information can be remotely accessed by the company. The hybrid cloud storage saves money and time. 

The Cloud is a Great Way to Store Non-Sensitive Information 

Storing information without storage sticks and computer memory is not an efficient way to keep important, non-sensitive information. It is not a way to keep sensitive information without the help of cloud company. Many people have hacked cloud. However, more and more companies are automatically encrypting data for paid cloud storage services to help decrease the likelihood of being hacked.

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