Quality Mobile App Developers: Why They Are So Rare

It takes no more than a quick Google search to see that mobile app developers are a dime a dozen. You may think that if you are a business, you are going to be overwhelmed by the number of companies you could potentially work with. You won’t. As you do your research, you will very quickly discover that most of the people who promise the world when it comes to app development offer very little. In fact, they are awful. Quality developers are rare. Why? Well, that is what we want to talk to you about today.

App development is new

Apps, the way we know them, have only been around since June 2008. Companies actually wanting apps for their business is far more recent. As a business owner, you are probably aware that people always try to jump on the latest craze in order to make a quick buck. The world of mobile app development wasn’t immune to this.

People thought they could make some money. So, they started learning how to develop apps. Most gave up and started outsourcing their app development, but that didn’t stop them claiming that they could create the latest and greatest thing. They were still pushing themselves as mobile app developers without having a clue about programming, or even proper UI design. Their lack of skill and desire to make a quick buck resulted in corners being cut. This means poor programming techniques. It means reusing elements from old apps they have created.

The vast majority of app developers still fall into the latter category. While they may be cheap, you won’t get anything good. You will get a broken app that is tough to update. It will give the wrong impression for your company. Sadly, because these ‘app developers’ are more marketers than programmers, they often rise above the quality app developers, which means quality is going to be even rarer.

App Development is Difficult

You don’t become quality mobile app developers if you want to make money. It isn’t easy to develop apps. There are long, sleepless nights involved, and each project will present its own challenges. New programming to be done. A new UI to create. Debugging to do. Stuff like that. If you are a quality app developer, even at the highest price point the profit margins are still razor thin. This is work you get into for the sheer love of doing it. Not to make a huge sum of cash. As a result, a lot of quality programmers are steering clear of being mobile app developers as there are better ways to make money with their skills. We love mobile app development. We aren’t going anywhere.

It requires a deep understanding of people

We mostly make business apps here. These are often regarded as some of the hardest apps to make. This is because they require so much more than programming. It requires an understanding of what people actually want to do with the app. For some, it may be finding out more about a product. For others, it may be making a purchase. How they go about this will differ from app to app. An eCommerce app created for a bookstore will be wildly different to one that sells hand tools.

The problem is that most mobile app developers do not approach each project as a unique challenge. They see that their project is an eCommerce store, and they just churn out another eCommerce store like in the past. Sure, it saves money, but it is not really tailored to the customer experience.

Some mobile app developers don’t understand the type of person that will be using the app. They don’t want to put in the research. The people that are willing to spend the time doing the research are rare. These are the good developers.

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