Reasons why you should give MEAN Stack a shot

MEAN Stack is an acronym for

It is an open source NoSQL database that uses a document oriented data model. It relies on collections and documents instead of tables and rows. It is an extremely scalable technology and usually forms the database for MEAN Stack projects.

It is a server-side JavaScript framework. In MEAN Stack, it is used together with Node.JS to ease development and assist in writing modular and secure applications.

It is an extremely popular framework for Frontend JavaScript development maintained by Google. It allows for quick development of dynamic web apps. Its modular structure makes it extremely scalable and fast.

It is a JavaScript based runtime that is based on Google’s V8 engine. It allows for building scalable and high-performance web apps. Node.JS has a vast ecosystem of libraries and modules which really helps in development.

MEAN Stack is a combination of the above 4 technologies often packaged together as a singular service. It is a form of Full Stack Development and is a cutting-edge technology to develop on and has wide support within the development community.

Here are some reasons why you should hire mean stack developer for your project

  1. Reduced Development Cost:
    MEAN Stack is completely Open source and has a rich ecosystem and is free to use. This significantly reduces overall expenses for both the developer and the client.
  1. Availability of many JavaScript Libraries:
    Considering that 3 out of the 4 technologies comprising MEAN Stack are JavaScript based, the availability of pre-established JavaScript frameworks, libraries and reusable modules which can be easily integrated with MEAN Stack Projects.
  1. Increased Developer Efficiency:
    Whether it’s for Dynamic Single page applications or Business applications, It is entirely possible to get MEAN Stack Development Services to a small team which results in better flexibility and increased efficiency. The fact that MEAN Stack is mostly JavaScript based greatly improves collaboration.
  1. Fast Performance:
    Node.JS usually forms the framework in a MEAN Stack project. Based on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.JS is very, very fast. It outperforms a lot of other backend programming languages such as PHP, Python etc.
  1. Scalable:
    MEAN Stack makes an excellent case for Businesses due to its Scalability. All 4 components of MEAN Stack are Open Source and inherently scalable. Both factors contribute to faster development times and also future proofs applications made using MEAN Stack Technology.

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