Review of New Gtech Work Light. Is it Worth Your Money?

If you’re into electric bikes, lawnmowers, or household gadgets, you might have heard of Gtech or even seen a Gtech coupon code on your favourite blog. Gtech is a UK based company that specializes in producing high-tech gadgets that have been specialized for convenient everyday use. This review will go over the price, features, and design of the Gtech Work Light, a brilliant addition to Gtech’s line of household products.

Innovative Features

Gtech products are all designed to be fun and convenient to use at home, and the Work Light is no different. At its core, it’s an 800 lumen LED lamp attached to a 22-volt lithium-ion battery with a run time of up to 8 hours. It’s designed to operate in one of three modes, producing either a narrow, targeted beam, a wide spread of moderately bright light, or a whole swath of very bright light. It’s both water resistant and durable, meaning you can take it to any outdoor event without too much worry.

The best feature of the Gtech Work Light is the wide base and pivoting head. Unlike most battery powered lights, you can set the Gtech Work Light down, for example, set it on a table during an outdoor evening dinner, and easily and use it as a more permanent source of illumination. When you’re done, you can pick it right back up again and use it as a flashlight or hung it from the garage ceiling. Since the Work Light pivots, you can easily adjust its angle in order to send light where you need it.

Guarantees and shipping

The Gtech Work Light is protected by two guarantees. First, Gtech’s 30-day guarantee enables you to either replace or refund your Work Light, no questions asked, for 30 days after you purchase it. Afterwards, Gtech will fix or replace any manufacturing issues for a full year.

Gtech offers free delivery to all UK addresses on all of their products. This includes all islands as well as Northern Ireland. Free shipping applies at checkout – without the need to use a Gtech coupon code or promo code at

Price (Before and After Gtech Discount Codes)

The Gtech Work Light has a list price of just under £130. Luckily, you can use a Gtech voucher code to save some money. With a bit of sleuthing online, you should be able to find a Gtech coupon for £50 off of this particular product. Armed with the right offer, your checkout total should come out to £79.99, with free shipping to any UK address.

Would I buy the Gtech Work Light?

Gtech’s work light offers a number of convenience features. It’s portable, well designed, and reasonably bright for most home applications. It is not, however, affordable. In terms of raw lumens, it’s beaten cleanly by flashlights available for less than £10. If you want something more permanent, corded work lights with adjustable stands and well over twice as much light output as the Gtech Work Light can be bought for less than £20.

Even with a Gtech discount code bringing the price down to £80, you can still comfortably buy an 800-lumen flashlight for everyone in your 4 person family, get a corded work light for the garage or the deck, and buy at least 4 pints of beer for less than £80. To me, that sounds like a much better option. However, Gtech have a reputation in protecting their product price using various marketing methods. Therefore, I do not see the price of the Gtech Work Light going down below £90.


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