Role of the video wall displays in digital signage

The business these days have become very big due to the displays of video walls. The market of the video walls will remain strong even in the coming years. The increase is mainly due to the growth of the applications for the giant displays. It is also used for the giant displays as well as for the new products that are used in a wider range of installations.

What is a video wall?

  • The advancement of technology has given an exciting opportunity to the end users to install video wall. This has now become a part of the growing business.
  • The video wall signage is basically a digital signage that consists of LCD and also LED panels. It also has the options of the DLP tiles as well as the computer monitors and the projection screens.
  • It was a fact that years ago the video walls were simply a large scale digital signage. It was just a stretch of single piece of content across the entire wall. But on the contrary, today the video walls have incredible capabilities that have the latest features of remote control and other management.

The video wall signage is an eye catching display that makes it ideal for a wide range of industries and also installations. Nowadays it is found that the video walls are coming up in a surprising number of locations. It is now even found in retail stores and the hospitality venues. The concept is widely used in outdoor advertising, stadiums and concert halls and most importantly in the police and the security control rooms.

The video walls has proved to be a great option for those customers who actually require a large scale display and wish to avoid a large screen. Unlike the single screens the video walls do not limit the size and the shape of the display.

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