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With businesses increasingly globalized, international calls have become in the norm. Businesses have also started looking at how they can cut cost while remaining global and one of these ways is to make calls over the Internet through the use of IP phones! IP phones are different from traditional phones in that they use the Internet connect to place a call instead.

Yeastar Voice over IP Phones

At Yeastar, they have great voice over IP products in market, which are created for small businesses. The Yeastar PBX allows for fast installation with advanced auto-configuration, auto-detect and plug and play capabilities. This device is modular and easily scalable according to the business’s needs, having expansion boards which are able to take up to 4 modules. With the Yeastar IP PBX, you can know control your phone easily through a web interface and stay constantly updated with emails, texts and phone calls. The different models also cater to a different range of users – from a small 10-person company to big 500 employee companies.

Another Yeastar model which is popular in market is the Yeastar S50 VoIP PBX. This model of IP phone allows up to 50 users, 25 concurrent calls, up to 8 ports and supports a 4G connection across the users. This ensures that call speeds are maintained at a minimum standard. Also, the Yeastar S50 IP PBX has a good security system which protects your business operations from hackers and malicious viruses with an in-built firewall. This phone is also easy to use, as well as future-proof, meaning that it has free lifetime upgrades for both software and hardware that would give assurance to clients, so no need to worry about the compatibility of the phone with up and coming technologies.

With all these features installed and free upgrades, you simply can’t go wrong with Yeastar phones!

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