SEO Is Ever Changing!” Or Is It A Myth? Let’s Get Our Facts Right!


SEO is changing and evolving from time to time. SEO professionals are spending a lot of time in debating on this topic of SEO evolution. With the changing trend in the today’s online marketplace, it is true that the SEO is changing over time. The business and individuals can easily feel that the technology is developing.

Google fundamentals have changed very little. Google uses keywords and back links to improve the ranking. Academic model inspires the algorithm of Google. The technology and method are getting sophisticated, but the basics are same.

To understand more on SEO let us understand the basic principles of SEO. These principles are very important for your business.

  1. Keywords

You have created the content and have made accessible to crawlers. The next step involves telling to the search engine that what the content is all about. It must take the search queries directly to your page. Here the keywords play an important role.

  • The keywords are used to rank your content for queries. They have an important role in improving the rank of web pages or blog.
  • You must target one keyword for every page. Search engines similarly categorize pages as a library does.
  • So, don’t overload all the topics on a single web page.
  1. Backlinks

Backlinks improve the ranking of your website. They are important as other website is recommending you to visit your page. They increase the trust in your content.

  • According to Google, more backlinks meant more trustworthy and reliable content.
  • Different backlinks are perceived differently. It depends on the authority and quality of your site.
  • Having quality back links is very important. For niche or local business, you can look for contextual recommendations. A local site or business directory is best to create the backlinks.
  • For the expert recommendation, you can create the links on the sites like Harvard or BBC. Having the links from various sites symbolizes that your content is relevant.
  • Never create the backlinks through spam or buying in bulk. According to Google, buying the links is a dishonest practice.
  1. Crawlability

Your content must drive traffic to the website. The search engine must find your content relevant to get the search traffic. Crawlability is one of the most important factors of SEO.

  • Crawlability is important so that search engine must rank your page in the search results.
  • Accessing the right content is the foremost requirement. Then, the search engine must be able to read your content.
  • It is a technical work that requires an efficient site structure. If your site is running on WordPress, then right SEO plugins are required.
  1. Site Structure

Site structure is required by the search engine to understand the importance and hierarchy of the content. If the site is not structured in a right way, then it can affect the ranking of your web pages.

  • You must design the important pages with great caution.
  • Link them near to the home page.

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