SEO Los Angeles Consultant Or SEO Agency?

So what is the difference between an SEO Los Angeles Consultant and an SEO Agency? They may very well sound the same, and to the person who is not as informed about digital marketing then they are in every sense of the word the same thing.

However, there are subtle and noticeable differences between the two of these, and in this article, we will explain the difference between the two as well as explain the advantages and the disadvantages of both of them.

Before we discuss that though it is essential to explain what SEO is for those who may be unaware of this term. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

What this is, in a nutshell, is basically you decide to enter a word in research bar of whatever engine you may be using, that being Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you will notice that a particular word may automatically come up or a string of words may show up.

These words and string fo words that come up are high ranking keywords, and high ranking keywords are essential for your business to grow.

Why may you ask?

Because these are keywords that are searched for by hundreds of millions of people and if you can use these words and incorporate these words into your article or on your website and then you will be able to rank higher on the search engines.

Once you rank high on search engines, you can get traffic to your site. Moreover, do we really need to spell it out for you what you will get once you get more traffic?


There are a plethora of ways to which you can start to monetize your website, but that is an article all unto itself.

So now that you have a little bit of a better understanding of what SEO is it is important now to understand the difference between an SEO Consultant and an SEO Agency.

SEO Los Angeles Consultant Or SEO Agency?

SEO Agencies exist to help provide useful tips, strategies, and advice on how to get organic traffic. The focus more implantation, keyword research, content, and structure.

An SEO agency can be summed up best in these words by Andrew Bailey:

“An agency is all about collaboration – with its clients and with its people. It is important to create the right environment for your people to thrive, starting with building an exceptional leadership team, recruiting an unfair share of the world’s best talent and giving that talent the tools and support to succeed. Any agency succeeds or fails by the caliber of its people and how they collaborate. So in that way, and especially within the digital space, an agency is defined as a group of excellent people collaborating around a difficult challenge and finding solutions that drive our clients’ business.” – Andrew Bailey

Agencies are more about teams and collaboration (which is necessary), and groups.

There are several types of SEO Agencies.

They are:

Full Services Agencies

These agencies are as the name suggests FULL SERVICE. They will handle the marketing, the strategy, the creative campaign, the pushing the product, you name it, and they will be the ones who take care of everything for you.

They are a group of agents looking to grow their business and will work hard, but the downside to having these guys worked for you is that they re willing to let work that is mediocre and subpar to pass by.

So you may very well get outstanding service in regards to how much work you will get, but the overall quality may not be to your liking. So you may want to keep that in mind.

Small Agencies

Unlike the Full-Service Agencies, the Small Agencies cannot offer as many benefits as the former but where they make up for that is in quality. Whatever they provide will be better than what you could find it, and this is beaus the just don’t have the resources to handle all those tasks.

So the task that they will provide will most likely be much better if you work alongside a small agency versus full-service agencies. The downside with this agency is that most of this small business, like many, often fail. So it is a bit of a gamble and a risk to start out with a small agency especially if your funds are rather small.

Boutiques Agencies

These agencies are more about the style, and the design for marketing and that could prove to be very beneficial as we are visual creatures. Nothing captures the attention of people better than being able to have a captivating landing page or website.

The downside with an agency like this is that you won’t have to wait a bit longer as the designer your website and marketing can take some time. Moreover, much like the former, these are a relatively small business, so they also have the potential to shut down. So again this is another risk that you might want to consider when reaching out to them. But heck business is all about risk; just make sure you are taking calculated risks.

Niche Agencies

Niche agencies are some of the most sought-after agencies as they are able to focus on one particular industry or area of business. For example, if you are a plumber and looking for more traffic, they will be able to make you send out a bit more online in your local area.

The downside to an agency like this is because they do get so much of just ONE business idea they have the tendency to recycle old content and thus the links that may be in the material you have will not be connected back to you but to another site.

The Benefits Of Hiring An Agency

There are several benefits that you can get from hiring an agency.

They are:

  • Collective knowledge: Like the saying goes two heads are better than one. With an agency, you will have the team behind you that will be able to share ideas and brainstorm. Moreover, brainstorming is without a doubt one of the best ways to come up with new ideas and tactics.
  • More Financial Stability: Many respected agencies will have a sound financial foundation.
  • Friends In High Places: Some agencies will have connections with people in Google and Facebook so they will have some inside knowledge about what is going on in this sections. The more insight they have, the easier it will be for your business endeavors.
  • Bureaucratic Bubble Living: Many businesses are set in there way, but SEO agencies understand that they need to change with the times and need to adapt, so there is no bubble and no squabbling over trivial matters.
  • If You Have The Money You Get The Service: Money talks and with SEO if you can pay for the highest price you will be able to get the best of service.

As you can see, there are many rewards and benefits to hiring an SEO agency. It will not necessarily be easy (financially speaking) in the beginning to fund some of these but start small and scale your way up to the big boys because if you can find the right agency, then your work will become much easier to manage.

So What Is An SEO Consultant?

So you may be wondering what an SEO consultant is and how they differ from an agency. Well, the first thing is that an agency is a large group of people. Okay, massive may be a hyperbole, but they are a large group. SEO consultant is one on one. They may have a group, but it is relatively small when coated with an agency.

The consultant is experts in their particular area. They are the same in the sense that they want to drive organic traffic, but they focus on tacts, stagey and technology to get to there results.

With a consultant, you get expert advice, and you get that one on one relationship that is extremely important for long-term relationships.

Some of the advantages of hiring an SEO consultant

  • They Are Willing To Get Their Hands Dirty: Now we aren’t saying that they are willing to do nefarious things to get the job done (we also aren’t saying they won’t Capeesh). However, they are eager to look at your site and dive right into fixing what needs to be fixed up.
    • A Rough Personal Approach: Unlike the agencies where there is a noticeable number with the consultants there is only a hand full of people there. This may seem bad, but in actuality, it is a blessing in disguise as you get the best of the best.

As Steve Jobs once said: “A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”

  • Accountability: A consultant will not be able to pass off the this or respond to someone else. They take sole responsibility for the projects and the task that was mentioned by both of you.
  • Great Results But Small Pay: Perhaps one of the best advantages to hiring an SEO consultant is that they give stealer work and are cheaper than an agency. You also learn something from them as you get a one on one relationship with them.

The Disadvantages

  • No Diversification: Your SEO consultant may be an expert in one field, but if they need to use a social media platform like Snapchat for example and don’t have the knowledge to use it they will have to see he elsewhere. In other words, consultants are master of one and not a jack of all trades.
  • They Will Eat Their Own: Sounds savage and harsh but heck its business. They will quickly drop something in their business, or someone in their business if they find something better.
  • Longer Lead Time: They will need more time to handle projects as they aren’t as big a group as agencies are

Do You Need An Agency Or A Consultant?

Now for your business the question “Do You Need An Agency Or A Consultant?” really all depends on you and your business. As you can see ether are many reasons to use both of these SEO experts. They both have their strengths, and they both have their weakness.

However, at the end of the day, the answer really comes down to what you desire and what you want as well as how much you can afford.

Personally, for myself, I believe that the SEO consultant is a better option as you get that one on connection and you can also leaner a great deal more form that interaction. The work that you will get is going to be much better overall because to is coming from an expert who is working alongside you. ‘’

An agency may be able to handle your SEO project and espied much faster but the overall quality may be mediocre and lacking in quality.

So it may very well come down to time with what you are after. If you want something fast, then go with the agency. If you want quality go with a consultant.

However, these are just my thoughts about this particular situation.

What Are Your Needs?

Know your needs and know what exactly you want for your business to grow and scale. In having even just a bit of knowledge in the direction fo where you want to take your business that will prove extremely helpful for the SEO agency or the SEO consultant.

Both have their merits to them, and both have their flaws.

We can suggest that you try with to see which one best fits your business needs. Experimenting is one of the best ways to find out what works best for you and your business. You may very well lose out on money that is a possibility.

Alternatively, you can succeed. However, you won’t know if you don’t try.

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