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The Capsulink is the place where you can easily short your websites URL to increase your blogs or websites traffic. URL shortening is a World Wide Web technique in which your website’s URL is length is decreased and it redirects your required page directly. The Capsulink helps you to make custom URL shortener your web URL which is too long.

For example,  can be shortening like  Redirect domain name is always shorter than original. A user-friendly URL helps in messaging technologies to reduce the number of character like in SMS. It reduces your typing work and makes easier to remember for a person.

The main aim of short URL is, it can easily remember, enter without error and communicated with others. Capsulink is a platform where you can get some more benefits like Broken Link Repair, Branded Domains, Analytics and Redirect Rules. It offers eagle eye view to control your traffic progress.

Let we talk about Capsulink features:

Broken Link Repair: With this feature, you can get an immediate notification for your website or blog’s broken link. So, you can repair your link immediately and able to protect your website from traffic loss. A too short link may be advantage or disadvantage for your site. Sometimes too short URL losses the clarity of the original link.

Branded Domains: Here you can able to create your own Branded Domain short link. Branded domain helps to promote your site via sharing links through SMS. It makes your URL easier to remember. The Capsulink provides you unlimited capsules for shortening links. Create branded domain according to your website’s traffic and content which helps you to increase regular traffic.

Analytics: The custom URL shortener Capsulink provides you very useful and intuitive analytical tools which help you to optimize your marketing strategies. It helps you to track your audience, how they reach your website and what keyword is increasing traffic of your site. Its advanced statistics help you in achieving the goal, you able to track audience behavior, locations, and referrals with the date in a convenient dashboard.

Redirect Rules: It helps you to customize and manage the site links according to your website’s traffic flow. You can edit target URLs which helps you in attracting new visitors and increasing traffic. To ensure efficient user behavior you can use password-protected capsules and more. It is very useful in increasing website traffic.

The Capsulink has a perfect plan for everyone; the huge range is available according to their need. If you want to take trail then 14 days trail is also available then after you can able to upgrade it later.

The Capsulink offer 4 plans for users. The first plan is free for users with limited features. Second Plan is Pro which cost is $24 with some professional features. The third one is Business Plan which is the most popular plan and highly recommended and its cost is $110. Fourth is the Ultimate plan which has some more effective features than previous plans. Its cost is $1100.

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