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Who likes to read eBooks coexists with a big problem. They are the numerous formats of eBooks, the numerous platforms and devices available. If for the connoisseurs the alphabet soup is difficult, for those who are starting, then a common standard for eBooks already exists (the ePub format), but its generalized and open adoption still encounters a series of mishaps.

The Perfection for Readers

Readers, when they are unlucky enough to have a book in a format that is not compatible with their device / program / computer, are forced to deal with this problem. The solution in such cases is to convert the book from one format to another. There are several ways to do this, but in order not to get lost in the subject, we will deal with the solution that we consider the best and easiest: the Epub to PDF converter program. The epub to pdf  conversion is there now and you would get.

  • Epub to PDF converter has two main functions: to organize the electronic library of the reader and to make it compatible with the infinity of formats and available devices. It is a feature-rich program that can keep itself simple enough for most mortals not to stray from the mainstream, which is to organize and read books.
  • Friend number 1 of 99.99% of fans and eBook readers, Epub to PDF converter is available in several languages, including Portuguese, thanks to the commitment of the Brazilian fan community. In addition, it has versions for PC, Mac and Linux, which makes it a hand in the wheel for users of all styles. Epub to PDF converter is free and open source. From then on, a growing community of programmers and readers supported the development of the program.

Get Ready for Alphabet Soup: Epub to PDF converter’s eBook conversion supports 18 file types. The complete list can be seen here. For most readers, Epub to PDF converter converts LIT, LRF, MOBI, ODT, PDF, PRC, RTF and TXT formats into EPUB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDF and TXT formats. Hardly a reader like you and I will need so many formats, but the Epub to PDF converter class is serious and considers various situations.

To become familiar with the program, you can watch some demonstrations (in English). Now let’s get down to business:

How to convert eBooks and documents?

Using the Epub to PDF converter in practice, to convert your books, is quite simple. To do this, you need to:

  • Download and install Epub to PDF converter
  • Add your book to the program
  • Select your book for conversion
  • Convert

It is easier to show how it is done than to explain it in writing. In writing, it only complicates. So I created this very simple tutorial, which teaches you how to add and convert a book in Epub to PDF converter:

Useful tips when converting ebooks

  • Epub to PDF converter does not convert Word files (.DOC and .DOCX) to other formats. To work around this problem, save your Word file in .RTF (Rich Text Format) format by using Word itself. Epub to PDF converter recognizes .RTF files, so you can convert your documents.
  • PDFs and other very complex documents, with tables, graphics, or many images, can produce rough results. If your books / files contain such materials, prepare for poor results.

One way to get better results is to set the conversion details. If you have patience, adjust some conversion screen settings and run tests until you find the optimal setting.

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