Social Media Hacking

People are using the internet for years and so, hacks are not a surprising term for them. There have been many substantial data breaches in recent years. In 2018, the major breach happened in Facebook and also Instagram users were locked out of their account. In this article, you can find some information about social media hacks.

Effects of Hacking

Hackers use many different situations to hack into the email, social media and other accounts a person may own. The users may lose the data or a virus will be introduced into the computer to defect it. The personal information from the data breach is used by the hackers to either steal the person’s identity or to sell it. When the accounts get hacked, the user will be locked out from his/her own accounts. The accounts can be illegally used by others. The hacker learns more about the owner and collects a sufficient amount of information. From the information collected, he/she can access email accounts, bank accounts or to directly involve other actions to affect the owner. User rate of Instagram is increasing a lot nowadays. There is a possibility of more IG hack.

Easy Ways to Hack

When we use the term hacking, it does not mean that only malicious code or backdoors in computer networks are used to damage systems or steal proprietary information. A psychological skill can be used as well. Information on a personal profile can help to win a stranger’s trust. This is called social engineering. Some of the examples of social engineering include 1) Acting as an angry executive who forgot his password, you can call a system administrator to access his computer immediately for important work 2) By acting as a bank employee, you can ask for a credit card number from the customer. Many people fail to consider the possible security risks while creating an account on social media sites. Many users include both their personal and professional information on their profile. For example, consider you as an employee in an organization and you include the professional details about the project on your Facebook page. Hackers can use your name and position to get a password or proprietary information and sell it to the competitors. To avoid these problems, users can enable privacy settings and avoid accepting invitations from everyone. In sites like LinkedIn, the hacker can design a perfect profile to meet the business interests of his target. If he is connected, the hacker can access the information on all of the target’s connections by hacking the account.

Social Media is a New Target

People are not aware of the threat of using social media. They update day-to-day activities and other personal information to everyone. They can use your contact list and use information from their accounts as well. To prevent your account from hacking, your password should be unique and strong. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication is also the best way to secure social media.

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