Some of the Advantages of Using Private Internet Access VPN

The advantages of using the Private Internet Access VPN are immense. In this post we will read all about them. Some of the prices and the packages which the private Internet access has to provide include users can get services for the entire month. Monthly package which will cost you $6.95. There is also a package of 6 month which costs $35.9 for a month costs about$5.99.

You also have an annual package which comes for $39.95 and gives you a monthly price of $3.33 only.

Private Internet access VPN review pricing

It is best when you make use of the annual and the monthly package because they come with all the required features. These packages offer users with similar options as the need to pay for customers in the low category. When you are able to get the Private Internet Access VPN you can get five licenses which can be used on Linux, iOS, OS X, Windows, and Android devices.

  • You can also get a router which comes with built-in VPN Private Internet Access software.
  • It helps you to use a single license to defend the devices which are used for the Internet access on your home.

You are also provided with video sessions on installing the VPN on the OS and how the password can be reset. You are also provided with help guides that can be downloaded. When you are unable to make setup the system you can use the customer support which can help.

The router options enable you to come with Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router AC 1900 (WRT1900AC) and X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Netgear Nighthawk WiFi Router (R8000). The virtual Internet access PIA provides you with unlimited bandwidth and when you make use of the browsing speed you have to ensure that the speed is good.

With the help of the PIA speed was tested and the level of hindrance the Internet browsing became strained and the results were satisfactory. The above were some of the benefits of using the virtual Internet access VPN. They are very helpful in ensuring that the speed of your work doesn’t get affected.

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