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A plug in which can give you a better PC experience and keep you safe while using PCs? This is no fairytale. The Xtra PC gadget is an exceptional tool which allows you to have an enhanced computing experience on an old or dated machine.

Sound too good to be true? There are lots of these types of products on the market but when looking for xtra pc avis online, there was one product which truly shone out and continues to impress users of aging PCs.

What is the Xtra PC gadget and what does it do?

The Xtra PC device is a straight forward USB plug in tool which merges the benefits of a PC, any PC, with a Linux powered drive. Linux is a fast application which will give whichever PC you plug in to a staggering boost to give you a better all round experience.

So what boosts your PC session? The Xtra PC gadget has many built in features which give you everything you need to get the most out of your computing session. There are software applications built in to the device including Firefox, media players and Open Office. All of which enable you to carry out various tasks which you would expect to perform on a more current PC model.

By using the xtra pc usb attachment you will be able to get a new PC experience on an old and out of fashion unit.

What else can the Xtra PC gadget do?

There are many qualities to the Xtra PC  plug in, some of which are much more obvious than others. Here is a quick rundown of the key features of the device.

  • Easy installation. For each PC you plug in to, there is only a one time setup needed to install the Xtra PC and get running with it. The installation is easy to follow and can be completed by anyone, whether you have experience in computing or not.
  • Prime safety. Safety is incredibly important to PC users so the designers of the Xtra PC gadget have thought of some great ways to keep users safe. The main feature here is that no trace is left behind on any PC that you use your plug in with. After removing the device from the USB port there will be no record of you even using that computer. This happens becuase when in use, you are utilising the operating system on the drive and no the pc. This means no activity is recorded for anyone to try hacking in to.
  • Keep files safe. Old computers are notorious for breaking down and wiping files, so using that Xtra PC gadget is a must. As well as the many other functions available with the tool, you can also transfer your old files from the dating PC on to the drive. Meaning that you can keep sensitive files on your person at all times if required.

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