Structure of Public cloud 


Public cloud servers are the ones that allow small organizations to use the services of a web host. As the name suggests public cloud provides a platform for multiple organizations to hose their websites. These types of servers usually provide a web host space to those organizations that don’t have enough resources to have their server. This is a cost-saving setup. This is mainly beneficial for small websites or individuals. 

The most crucial component of the public cloud is to maintain the data security of the users. Even though the organizations are storing their data in one place yet there it is mandatory need to have a “secured wall” between them. The companies like pay heavy attention to user data security in both public and private clouds. 

There are three types of public cloud structure. Although these are not structures in a technical sense but more of the options that are provided by the service providers in the market. 

Software as a service – 

Software as a service (SaaS) is a cost-cutting solution. In this structure, the businesses don’t need to pay for hardware and also saves maintenance costs. The idea behind this structure is that the service providers will just install the software in the main node of the client’s organization. This software is hosted at the server of the service provider. 

Infrastructure as a service – 

IaaS as the name suggests is the service only for the hardware requirement of the client. The hosts don’t need to worry about the software installation and other technical things regarding the server. The maintenance can or cannot be part of the IaaS contract. 

Platform as a service – 

PaaS is a type of cloud service in which a service provider develops a platform for the clients in which they can themselves run and manage all the business applications that are needed to be performed for hosting the website. The need to build and maintain infrastructure is eliminated in this type of public cloud. This is another cost-saving cloud solution. 

What kind of structure you choose depends on what scale of business you operate and also the budget.

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