Tech Retailer Saves Shoppers Money Using Bitcoin is an online tech retailer and it’s making a move to reshape e-commerce with the use of bitcoin.

Although bitcoin has now been operating out in the wild for nine years, the vast majority of the general public still see it as nothing more than a financial toy for nerds. Many possible uses of the technology have been touted by venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, but the peer-to-peer digital cash system is still finding it difficult to provide uses that matter to the average person. Kiteroo is here to change this by incentivizing the use of bitcoin for must have products.

Kiteroo’s customers save 10% off all products, which is more than enough incentive to use bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a push payment method that works like cash for the Internet, and its customers can protect themselves from the costs of credit card chargeback fraud. These costs factor into the several percentage point processing fees charged by traditional payment providers, and they can add up to significant margins for high-value purchases. By sidestepping these fees, Kiteroo’s customers get a better deal.

Bitcoin discounts have been touted as a huge use case for bitcoin for a few years, and now is built almost entirely on this concept. As of now, most bitcoin-accepting merchants do not offer a discount when the digital payment system is used, and this may need to change if they want blockchain-based payments to disrupt traditional card-based options in the near future. is sure to make its mark combining the benefits of bitcoin to sell tech products to a worldwide market.


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