Technically Proven Tricks to Kill Ticks

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The ticks gets attached to your clothes when you go for a stroll in the countryside or do your regular works in the yard. These little creatures are not innocent at all; they carry Lyme disease. How do you make sure that your clothing is free of ticks? Well, pile up your clothes, put those in a high-heated dryer and then clean them.

Those tiny creatures are too stubborn to leave you easily!

A New Discovery!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that you should dry your clothes for at least, an hour as a precaution. That time length is too long and it is less likely that everyone can spend so much time for drying clothes. Interestingly, an intelligent Massachusetts teenager has found out that an alternative method can kill ticks in a much shorter length of time. It is really a relief as summer comes with Lyme disease worries.

A recent report suggests that Jacqueline Flynn, a 16-year old girl, has discovered that tumbling the clothes on low heat for just five minutes will work fine. The discovery has won the girl some top science awards and caught attention of the CDC.

What Experts Say

The Globe has claimed that the discovery will play a significant role in preventing Lyme disease. Christina Nelson, an eminent epidemiologist at the CDC’s workstation in Fort Collins, Colo., has confessed that she finds the discovery interesting and intriguing. “If a five-minute work can do a better or equally efficient job if compared with a full-hour method, people will find it much easier and the new finding can trigger further investigations in the area”, she adds.

Thomas Mather is a tick expert working at the University of Rhodes Island. He insists that a quickly spinning dryer is capable of killing nymphal deer ticks that are responsible for carrying Lyme disease. Does water kill ticks? If you are curious to know it, Dr Mather has a fitting answer. In his words, washing with either hot or cold water won’t kill ticks though dry heat can do a good job of those pesky creatures.

What is Lyme Disease?

If the ticks bite someone, there is a chance that Lyme disease will be transmitted to the person. The ticks function as a carrier whereas the bacteria actually cause the disease. If the person does not seek immediate medical attention, it can attack the joints and even spread to the heart. The disease usually affects the boys aged 5-9 and adults aged 40-65.

Tick Encounter Resource Centre has some effective suggestions in this context:

First Dry; Then Wash: If you live or take a walk in a tick-infested area, take off your clothes and put those in the dryer. Deer ticks are more prone to drying whereas lone star ticks, American dog ticks and other Amblyomma types are stouter. Each type causes problems and therefore, you should throw the clothes in the dryer on high heat for 15 minutes.

Leave Clothes for Electric Dryers: Gas dryers get heated quicker than the electric dryers. If you have an electric dryer, you may have to spend 5 minutes more to get the work done.

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