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The art of press releases may seem like an antiquated public relations process to any beginner. However, unlike old PR and marketing tools, Press Release Distribution has managed to adapt well to the modern era of digital marketing. Until this day, Press Release Distribution remains as one of the most effective ways of getting a business some exposure. However, the rules have changed.

What used to be an exhaustive process of distributing press releases to the newswire and media desks have become a much simpler and straightforward task. Today, you can personally send press releases straight to journalists and media networks and have it syndicated using a variety of online services.

Interested? You should be. If you’re not incorporating online press release distribution to your business’ PR and marketing makeup, you’re missing out on a chance of generating more online exposure. In this guide, we’ve listed the best press release sites of 2018 and some tips to ensure that your news copy gets the maximum exposure possible.

Benefits of an Online Press Release Distribution

Whether or not you believe in the power of press releases, you can never deny the fantastic benefits it can give to a business if done effectively. Here are some of the best benefits of an online press release distribution.

  1. Instantaneous Exposure – Distributing your press releases online enables you to publish your business’ news instantly. You don’t have to tirelessly send your news copy one by one to journalists and media outlets.

  1. Higher Chance Of Getting Viral – By distributing your news copy online, you get a higher chance of getting picked up and shared through viral social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) Headlines – Googles’ “news” tab is an excellent platform for exposure. Getting your press release featured as “news” adds more legitimacy to your business.

  1. SEO Performance – Online press releases can also serve as an SEO tool. By optimizing your press release with the best and most current SEO practices, you’re setting it up as an effective SEO tool.

  1. RSS Feeds Distribution – Submitting press releases online means they can also get distributed via RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds are online content platforms that comes in subscription style package. Distributing a press release in RSS feeds is an excellent way to target a more specific type of audience.

  1. Email Alerts – Some PR news sites also come with a broad number of email subscribers. You can get access to this pool and get your press release sent to people who are specifically interested in your type of content.

  1. Analytics – The beauty of publishing a press release online is that it enables you to know exactly how it is performing. By using analytics tools, you can measure your news copy’s success and adjust and make changes to its distribution in real time.

  1. Sales Potential – It’s no math. Simply put, the more you expose your business and your products in front of a broad audience, the more likely you are going to get sales. A press release is just one excellent tool to use to convince your audience that your products are worth buying.

  1. Reputation and Brand Building – By regularly publishing useful, relevant and high-quality press releases, you’re boosting your business’ reputation as a trusted authority in your industry. Press releases are known to promote brand awareness and establish solid relationships with your audience.

  1. Industry Expert – When you continue to give valuable information to your customers and helping their needs, your business and yourself get a chance to become an established industry expert. When customers trust you, they buy from you.

The Best Press Release Sites Of 2018

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a Cision company, which means it is one of the leading authorities in press release distribution worldwide. The company utilizes a variety of multimedia platforms and targeted distribution to engage key audiences in different business niches. PR Newswire has an impressive range of networks, with more than 4,000 websites, 3,000 media, and more than 500 news content systems. Their services come with multimedia inclusion and analytics reporting.


Another Cision Company, PRWeb is a global leader in online press releases. For a number of years, they’ve accumulated an affluent clientele of more than 40,000 businesses and organizations worldwide. PRWeb focuses on increasing visibility via press releases through utilization of search engine optimization to drive significant online traffic to a company’s website. PRWeb uses the cloud-based PR software, Vocus.


Aside from Newswire’s excellent paid press release distribution services, the company is also a leader in free press release distribution. Newswire has conducted campaigns for more than 140,000 business entities and organizations of all sizes. From small-business owners to large established companies, Newswire’s PR distribution services are among the best and widely recognized in the country and in the world. is perhaps one of the most unique press release distribution agencies in the country. Instead of your ordinary run-of-the-mill PR approach, offers a one-stop shop business marketplace where businesses of any niche can promote themselves. is more of a business directory – a cross between a PR distribution firm and an advertising sector. In, you can find a directory or listing of a variety of businesses, products, services, as well as a job search platform, and online publication platform and so much more.


eReleases is an online press release distribution agency that has partnerships with approximately 6,000 media outlets in the country. Their services offer you the opportunity to get syndicated to nearly 10,000 legitimate journalists hungry for content. eReleases caters especially to small to medium business owners with the goal of giving personalized and well-thought press release distribution campaigns that genuinely work. eReleases also boasts of more than 75 major national news websites and distribution through the largest and most respected newswires in North America.

OpenPR is another excellent free press release distribution platform for those who don’t want to spend a buck on newswire campaigns. OpenPR publishes press releases quickly every day. Furthermore, the news copies published on their website gets a fair amount of exposure on Google News, sometimes even just as short as an hour or two after publication. For these reasons, OpenPR is one of the most popular PR distribution platforms online.

1888 Press Release

This PR distribution platform provides a reasonably easy-to-use press release distribution interface that anyone can use comfortably. Among their vast array of services are free to press release distribution, writing tips, press release submission, and features their most popular press releases. The company’s extensive distribution network involves a number of media and other relevant websites, RSS feeds, blogs and many other distribution points.


In truth, there really is no excuse not to do a press release distribution for your business. In fact, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not making use of this fantastic opportunity for online exposure and brand awareness. If you’re afraid of the costs, some of the PR websites we’ve listed offer free PR distribution. However, if you’re serious about creating better opportunities for your business, you’re much better off with a paid press release distribution with the best PR agencies in the world. Either way, doing a PR campaign is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

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