The Importance of Maintaining a Laser Cutter

If someone wears safety glasses while on the job, they know how quickly the glasses can get dirty. While some people may be fine walking around with a bit of a glaze on the surface of the glasses, most want them to be clean. That’s because, when safety glasses are clean, the individual wearing them can work better and safer.

The same concept applies to a laser cutting machine. With these machines, a laser light will move through an optical window as it makes its way to the workpiece. If this window is not clean, some of the light may not be able to get through, which means the quality of the beam may suffer. Preventing this requires laser machine maintenance. The optics are considered an essential part of these machines, but good maintenance will involve much more than just a simple window cleaning. While it is possible to learn more on Boss Laser’s Facebook, keep reading for some basic maintenance tips and techniques to use.

Visual Inspections

It is a good idea to look for signs of wear and tear, leaks, or some type of deterioration. The wipers and the bellows present on the slideways and over the ball screws are two good examples of places where issues may occur.


Just like any other machine, it is necessary to top upand replace the fluids as recommended by the machine’s manufacturer. This information can typically be found in the original owner’s manual that came with the laser cutter.

Replace the Filters

Again, just like a vehicle or another machine, the filters in a laser cutter need to be changed or cleaned regularly. Check the product documentation for your machine’s filter requirements.

Machine Cleanliness

To keep a machine in good, working condition, it needs to be clean. Be sure to wipe it down and remove all dust and debris at the end of the day. A clean workspace is a safe workspace.

Cleaning the Optics

When someone uses a laser for cutting, smoke can appear. This will cloud the window and may reduce the quality of the beam. It is necessary to clean the optics carefully. If care is not taken, scratches may occur.

Testing of the Beam Quality

Modern laser manufacturers can do this using a beam analyser. However, there is an easier approach. To test the quality of the beam, conduct a few test cuts. Some refer to these as burn profiles. Compare the way the beam is cutting currently with pieces that were cut when the machine was brand new. This is a simple and visual way to see if the power or effect of the beam has changed in any way.

Getting the Desired Results from a Laser Cutter

The best way to get the desired results from a laser cutter is by keeping the machine clean. By doing this, it is possible to ensure that the desired cuts will be formed and that there will be no issues with the machine or project. Being informed is the best way to do this.

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