The Key Differences Between Android Phones and iPhones

There is three or four major OS that is in trend nowadays. These are iOS, Android and Windows, phones. Every OS has got pros and cons which needs to be looked when buying a smartphone.  If you are an app lover, then iOS smartphones will be the best choice for you. If stylish design and appearance is your priority, then go with Android phones. iPhones are believed to have the edge over Android phones.


Apple phones win over Android feature by providing extraordinary speed that wins in synthetic benchmarks too. Not just a user can perform 4k video, opening large files easily and efficiently but also enables playing the most intensive games and demanding augmented-reality applications efficiently.

Best quality cameras

Samsung has been rated as the No.1 camera phone since the last 2 years from now. With the introduction of Apple’s iPhones, people have become fond of it due to its dual lens set up. It has made their video viewing experience spectacular.

Apple’s phone helps one take more vibrant pictures with vivid and natural-looking colors. Apple’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones have remarkable property to deliver outstanding image quality in low light. It offers better HDR performance to its users. Its portrait mode looks more natural.

Better integration of hardware and software

The 3Dimensional touch display in iPhone 6s allows a user to take fast actions from their phone’s home screen by simply pressing the application icon. Apple Store is one of the best places to get a wide collection of applications for Apple phones. Portrait mode of iPhone available adds sophisticated lighting effects.

iPhone X can even scan your face to log a person into the application. The hard work of Apple’s software and hardware designers re-created the magic by integrating mobile OS with its devices in a fabulous way. This is one of the reasons that make it much more powerful than Android phones.

Easiest smartphone to use

Despite all the several promises made by Android phone manufacturers to restructure their skins, Apple’s iPhone is still the easiest phone to operate by a person. One just needs to pick it up, switch it on, and then touch the application to open it.

The best applications first

Though Apple iPhone Store provides millions of applications in their stores, it is still preferred by smartphone developers as the best introductory platform for the hottest new applications.

Works efficiently with Mac devices

If you have Mac devices and want to use them with your iPhone device, then it is very simple. With the help of continuity feature, iPhones work effectively with Mac device. It allows you to use MacBook to send as well as receive text messages/calls easily.


With all these features it makes it clear that IPhone rules the entire digital communication industry. Along with this information, it is important to get a proper understanding of the features offered by IPhones and Android phones to make the right decision.


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