The most easy ways to merge multiple PDFs and extract single pages from PDF files

Although PDF is one of the most widely used file formats on the Internet, the problem of merging two PDFs is far from trivial. Here we show you how it works:

The easiest way to do it is without any additional software: With the free web app combine PDF online you can combine multiple PDFs into one file.

  1. To do this, open the start page of combine PDF and just select your PDFs you want to merge.
  2. Now upload all the PDF files that you want to put together in full or in excerpts.
  3. Default is the “File Mode”. If you want to completely customize the files, you just have to put the uploaded PDFs in the right order.
  4. If you only want to combine individual pages from the PDF files into one file, switch to Page mode (see picture) and select the desired pages.
  5. Finally, click on “Merge PDF” and after a few seconds you will receive the merged PDF as a download.

Also for the splitting of PDFs into individual pages, the situation is similar:
Neither with the board tools of Windows nor MacOS you can disassemble a PDF document completely into its single pages at once. Here you need additional software like the online service, which of course also runs on all systems.

  1. Just got to the website of and get started to extract pages from your PDFs.
  2. In the main section of the page click on “Add” and select the PDF file to be split. You can submit a single or multiple files.
  3. Then just click “Split” in order to disassemble your PDFs into single pages.
  4. After that you will be able to download the single pages of your PDF. Alternatively you can also download a Zip file with all pages.

Here the links to the two services:

  • Just visit combine PDF in order to combine any PDFs
  • Go to the following page in order to split PDF.

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