The Need for Data Recovery

Are you afraid of losing important data from the storage devices? Businesses and institutions have computerized every information of their day today activities. Data loss disaster can jeopardize business activities. Virtual assets are increasingly used and every bit of data is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes, data loss disaster can bring a huge loss to the companies which may end up in bankruptcy. Data recovery is a necessity for every person and business.

Data Loss

When an individual or organization loses its vital data, it is inevitable in today’s technological world. Data loss can occur in storage devices because of reasons like unintentional or intentional deletion of files, system malfunction, virus or malware attacks, and software corruption or program malfunction. The storage devices include Digital Camera, Hard disk drive, SD or Memory cards, iPhones, Laptop, Backup drive, solid state device and many more. Every business is primarily concerned about the permanent loss of data which is significant for the success of the business. If you are looking for professional experts in data recovery denver co, visit salvage datafor more details!

Data Recovery

The process of recovering or restoring the inaccessible or lost data from the storage devices is called data recovery. There are many techniques to overcome physical and logical damage in the storage media. Based on the type of damage, data recovery techniques are divided into 2 major categories. They are logical data recovery and physical data recovery.

Logical Data Recovery

When an error can be solved with the help of a software solution, it is known as logical data recovery.This type of recovery is used for cases like:

Formatted, Damaged or Deleted Partition

Damage to the partition table and file system due to bad sectors makes the hard disk unreadable. When the storage media like a hard drive or SD cards goes bad or data gets deleted, it is better to use it in another system in read-only mode. Immediate use can lead to permanent data loss.


Overwritten Data

The deleted files from the Windows operating system creates a free space and when a new program is installed or a file is copied, it overwrites the lost files and makes recovery impossible. If you are facing a data loss, stop using the system or hard drive to prevent further loss of data.

Physical Data Recovery

Human errors can cause hardware failures because of the physical damage to a storage media such as a hard disk. The hard drive should be handled with utmost care.


Hard drive platters used to store data spins at a rate of 800 to 15000 RPM. At that time, actuator arms read and writes data at close distances of the platter surface. Defects in arms or platters can lead to permanent damages and make the data recovery process complex and time-consuming.

Hardware Repair

Experts will repair any physical damage in a storage device by using a faulty part to make it usable for data recovery purpose.


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