The Perfect Making of the Advertisements

How to promote a video? How to promote your Youtube video on the Internet? How to increase the number of your views on Youtube? How to broadcast your commercial on the web? All answers will be available now with best advertisement maker

To go further on the subject before starting your tutorial, download free guides and advice to improve your visibility on the Internet:

More views on your Youtube videos

  • Promoting your videos to get the most out of them starts from the concept of your videos.
  • An average video will obviously be more difficult to promote than a video designed to generate sharing or position in the Youtube search engine.
  • A video of quality will be more often diffused on the social networks, the blogs will embark it more willingly in their articles and this one will stand out more often when a request is typed on Youtube or Google.

Two types of videos really have potential in terms of views on Youtube:

  1. Viral videos: Viral videos (difficult to realize) generate positive or negative emotions, make smile, shock, excite, create a debate, bounce on the news.
  2. Tutorial videos: because they are naturally positioned in the engines of Youtube and Google by answering the users’ problems.

Now that we have laid these foundations, let’s look at ways to increase your views on Youtube.

  1. How to promote your videos on Youtube?

The best way to promote a video is still to enjoy the monstrous audience of Youtube:

  1. The secret to succeed on Youtube is to concentrate all your strike force (free and paid) to obtain maximum links, shares, votes, comments and views in a limited time. Strong momentum will send positive signals to Youtube, naturally pushing your content up the rankings and generating more traffic on your video.
  2. Therefore, whether you have a budget or not, check out the tutorial to optimize the SEO of your video to get the maximum of these free views.
  3. Now, if you have a budget to spend, there are many suitable formats to promote your videos on Youtube. See the tutorial for creating an advertising campaign on Youtube.

Youtube campaigns can help you:

  • To put into orbit a viral video in the first hours / days after publication
  • Present your product through video and therefore generate sales
  • Present your application and generate downloads
  • To lead a brand awareness campaign around your brand
  1. Broadcast your video by email

Use any means you have to quickly increase the number of views and shares in the first few days after the video is posted. Broadcast your video but do not forget to optimize your emails for a maximum opening rate

Broadcast your video to bloggers

The links pointing to your video page have a significant impact on the referencing of your video on Youtube. Better SEO will allow you to get better positions when a user searches for video so “natural” views.

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