The reason why SEO is indispensable

This post started out as a post about our services, about what we do best and what we are experts in. With every sentence I wrote, more ideas and wanderings about SEO, about my perception of the market, about SEO service providers, and above all about the perception that the general public, and businesses in particular, have, I would like to start with a statement in which I believe: SEO in Portugal is not being explored, neither near nor far, in its full potential.

Although in Portugal this is common in almost every business area, SEO sometimes feels like we’re still in Stone Age. Most business owners, marketing directors and professionals still have not realized that most of their potential customers buy online and those who buy in stores have already searched online for the products and services they want to buy in stores. I would venture to say that the purchase decision is supported nowadays with the use of online, where the search engines have a predominant role.

Why is SEO nowadays indispensable?

A SEO Portugal service is absolutely indispensable. It is indispensable if you want long term results. You can always bet on adwords campaigns and pay Google to bid on the keywords that are most important to your business. But is this strategy advantageous in the long run?

The first place in Google’s organic results is just for one page, one page for a single website. It is a known fact that top positions in search results get the most clicks. A website that does not contain your pages on the first page of Google is as if it did not exist. The position on organic results, those that are not paid, and for which you need an SEO specialist to get them, have a curious effect on people.

Researchers understand that the first results are the best results, the most important, and the most credible. This credibility is transferred directly to those who occupy them; you only need to find a way to put those pages on your website, with your products and services. Remember, search engine search is now inescapable … When was the last time you did not use a search engine to search for a product or service?

How to choose the best SEO company?

I recommend that you investigate some of the most relevant aspects of SEO so that they can ask direct questions that allow you to evaluate the knowledge of who is on the other side. One thing is for sure, anyone who is good at SEO is in no hurry to sell you their services, and you’ll probably be worried about how to fit one more client into the range of customers you already work with.


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