The Role of Laser Marking for Identification Security

The laser engraving, marking, etching, industry has undergone huge breakthroughs over the past few years in terms of the development of new products and application developments.

Laser engraving is used across many industries for marking parts, food, medical implements and equipment, electronics, components, and other industries where high-quality marking is essential to compliance and policies.

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Identification Security

One of the newest advancements in laser marking involves engraving or etching in the identification security sector. ID cards and other sensitive and secure materials need the kind of security and safety that laser engraving can offer.

The permanence that laser marking offers gives businesses and consumers peace of mind that their safety and security is important and resolved in the best ways possible.

ID cards are one arena where the level of security is crucial in various industries like the medical field (research, high-level clearance areas), defense (government offices and high-security clearance areas), and individual identification (passports, driver’s licenses, and generic ID cards).

Many ID cards use the multi-layer format, which allows the laser to use short pulses that change the color of the lower layers, while leaving the top, transparent layer intact. Laser engraving on ID cards is highly efficient and is able to generate high-res greyscale images.

The Benefits

Using laser technology to mark on ID cards and secure products offers these benefits:

  • Makes products safe from fraud
  • Uses high-speed marking
  • Meets the security standards set by international and national laws
  • Create high-quality text and images
  • Makes tamper-proof products
  • Produces defect-free products, customized for each business or individual

Laser engraving on secure products is also a highly flexible method for creating text and images in virtually perfect and concise detail.

Laser marking is becoming the standard for engraving on secure products, taking the place of many dye transfer methods.

Not Just for IDs

Laser engraving and marking isn’t only used for ID security, but for other sensitive products and materials. There are also several potential applications where this technology will boost security like these.

  • Loss Prevention
  • Inventory Control and Tracking
  • Part Identification
  • Safety and Warning Labels

Lasers can meet the stringent regulations and mandates required in these industries. The following are examples of specific laser engraving applications where security is essential/

  • Time Stamps
  • Barcodes
  • Serial Numbers
  • Date Codes
  • Part Numbers
  • Industry-Specific Codes/Data
  • Sequential Numbers

Laser engraving systems are ideal for anything where security and safety features are crucial.

The Security Features

What is behind the importance of laser engraving in the security industry?

  • Laser marking ID cards makes it almost impossible for anyone to change or remove the card’s data, making this method more effective than dye marking.
  • Identification fraud is less likely to happen due to the sophisticated laser procedure that criminals don’t like to play with.
  • Laser engraving offers a longer shelf-life for marking images; whereas most dye marked images are likely to degrade over time.
  • You can’t scratch off information on laser engraved ID cards, nor can you affect it with chemicals.
  • The raised edges are a tactile measure for ID cards that give trained law enforcement a heads up when ensuring the ID is authentic.

The security industry is utilizing laser engraving more now for its cost-effective and practical traits. It’s not surprising more agencies and businesses are going with laser technology for their marking needs.

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