The Smartest Options from the Perfect Instagram Account Recovery Options

You may not know it, but it is possible, on Instagram, to have a personal and or professional account. Do you want to start your business on Instagram and wonder if you need to make a personal or professional account? The correct answer, but you can imagine, is the professional account.

What are the differences between a personal and a professional Instagram account?

Having a professional Intranet account will allow you to have access to features that are not available from a personal account. For example, with a pro account, you will have access to advertising, inaccessible from a personal account.

You will also be able to identify your products on your publications or Stories, by attaching your shop and Facebook page in advance to your Instagram account. We have an article on this subject that details how to do it, click here to consult it.

Finally and above all you will have the opportunity to consult statistics (see examples below), essential to measure the performance of your communication! These stats are available at several levels:

  • On your publications: likes, comments, recordings, reach, impressions
  • On your Stories: impressions, people having seen your Story
  • On your account: profile visits, clicks to your website

For business accounts with more than 100 subscribers, a new tab is also available in the statistics, that of the audience.

The latter gives you more information about your community, main places of origin, age, sex, frequency to which your subscribers are connected to Instagram. With the hack Instagram account you can also save your time and labor and make the recovery process easy when your account gets hacked.

For all these features and the access to the statistics is indeed a very important point, we strongly advise you to privilege the professional account to the personal account.

But how do I create my Instagram professional account?

For this, several possibilities:

  1. You already have a personal account, but you use for your company

At this point you can switch this personal account to a professional account.

  1. You have a personal account that you want to keep

In this case, you can directly create a second professional profile. We hope to have answered your various questions and enlighten you on the Instagram professional account and its many features.

If you want to discuss it we are at your disposal and if you want to know everything about Instagram, discover our training.

Keeping the hack tool close by happens to be a very important matter there and that is what makes the whole process perfect for you now. The entire work at Instagram gets perfect in this way now.

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