The world appears larger than life in video walls:

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Video walls were earlier a mainstay in control rooms, mass multimedia office, stadiums and secret science installations in movies! Today video walls have revolutionized digital marketing in companies. A video wall is a panel created with multiple TV or computer monitors stacked at proximity to one another. This gives the viewer the impression of one cohesive video wall.

Why having a video wall is a good deal?

If your company is investing in a video wall, it is looking at the big picture in Sales and marketing! Customized layouts, greater screen area per unit cost, and remarkable picture quality make them a highly sought-after product for events! Modern video wall display has tight pixel pitches. This improves viewing distance and picture quality. Although more expensive, it is your best bet for college environments or areas where the target audience is in close proximity to the screen. Mosaic walls are the latest innovation in this field. They comprise of three tiles of different size that can be arranged in any configuration. This product has many applications in traffic monitoring. This is because each tile can show an individual image; hence multiple points can be tracked best by them simultaneously.

Things to keep in mind when procuring video wall monitor:

The video content that is supposed to be screened on the monitors should be accessible by your IT staff anytime, anywhere. This is possible by taking cloud subscriptions that are compatible with video wall monitor technology. This will also help to monitor the wall remotely so that any glitches or malfunction can be rectified immediately. Your content that should be screened should be well protected from hackers so that no malicious content can be inserted! The last things you want to see are crossbones and laughing clowns in full HD display!

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