TheOneSpy supreme cell phone spy software Review

When it comes to tracking the cell phone devices, TheOneSpy mobile phone surveillance software is considered the supreme among all. Why there is need to track the cell phone of someone? The answer would be different for different people. Maybe, it is the parents that want to spy on their kids and teens activities due to some odd reasons such as to protect them from online bullies, stalkers and to prevent from visiting and spreading of inappropriate content.

On the other hand, employers can make their business more productive by tracking the employee’s workflow within the working hours. Spouse on the other end may be looking forward to knowing the hidden activities of their partners. Let’s do a short discussion on the best mobile phone spyware.

An introduction of TOS spy software for cell phones

The cell phone monitoring spyware is the best among all the mobile phone tracking apps these days. The well-renowned spy software enables users to monitor the phone with power and accuracy. It has dozens of robust features that are capable of setting parental control on your kids and teens and provides relief to parents. Employers can examine the workflow of their employees within the working hours to the fullest and can take their business to the new heights.

Suspicious spouses can track their partners and come to know if exist their extramarital affairs. The TOS features include robust and state of the art features such as bug their phone, track GPS location, spy on text messages, record live calls, IM’s social media tracking, remotely phone controller, screenshots, browsing history, keyloggers, read emails and TheOneSpy spy360 and last but not the least live screen recording. Let’s discuss in the following all the contemporary features shortly.

Track GPS location

The user can track the activities of someone by using the GPS location tracker of TOS cell phone tracker spy. It enables users to monitor the current location of the target mobile phone device, location history tracking, weekly location history and to set safe areas for the target and as well as the restricted ones.

IM’s social media

The user that want to spy on someone’s social messaging apps activities, they just need to install the mobile phone surveillance program and then get their hands on all the trendy social messaging software such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Viber, Snapchat and WhatsApp and many others. The user can view IM’s logs, chat conversations, shared media files and also can listen to the VOIP Calls.


It is the best and most important tool for TheOneSpy smartphone monitoring app. It has power single-handedly enable a user to get access to the phone to the fullest. The user can get their hands all the keystrokes applied on the cell phone in use of a target person. It provides user messenger keystrokes, password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. Having such a powerful tool user can get ingress remotely into the phone and can get to know all the hidden truths.

Phone bug

It is also among the best of the best; user can use it for three different purposes such as to listen to the surrounding sounds and conversation on the phone by using the MIC bug, to make the short videos of the mobile phone surroundings through spyvidcam and last but not the least make photos and images by using the front and back camera through camera bug app.

Browsing History

Users can get their hand on all the visited websites and bookmarked websites on the target phone device. It means a user can remotely view what sort of web activities a target person is doing at the moment along with the complete time stamp.

TOS spy 360

This particular TOS monitoring app tool also has three sub-functions such as spy 360 live surround listening. The user can listen to the real-time surround conversations and calls on the target phone. Furthermore, a user can use spy 360 live camera streaming that allows user to view all the camera activities on TOS online control panel.


Parents can protect their teens from cyber dangers, employers can increase the productivity of their business and spouse can keep an additional eye on partner having the supreme cell phone tracking program.

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