Things to Know in Therion BF DNA 75C review

The last born in the place of Lost Vape, Therion DNA 75C is extraordinary compared to other scavenger single 18650 battery mod available at this time. Including the notable last age DNA 75 C and superb materials.

The brilliant mod manufacturer Lost Vape presents his most recent adaptation of the Therion Mod, the Therion BF (Bottom Feeder) DNA 75C. Including the notable determinations of a DNA mod, a full-color TFT screen, genuine cowhide, carbon fiber or wood panels and more as you will discover in this survey.

Therion BF DNA 75C is fueled by one 18650 battery, the yield is in the vicinity of 1W and 75W.The body is made of zinc composite and the atomizer 510 connector is made of stainless steel.

The squonker mod is accessible in Black, Black-Silver, Crown Bull-Black, Crown Bull-Silver, Pearl Fish-Black, Prearl Fish-Silver, Red Crocodile-Black, Red Crocodile-Silver, White Crocodile-Black, White Crocodile-Silver, Yellow Crocodile-Black, Yellow Crocodile-Silver, Yellow Ostrich-Black and Yellow Ostrich-Silver.

In the case Therion BF DNA 75C review we discover the Therion DAN75C BF, one USB overhaul/charging link, one super delicate jug of 8ml, one refill container of 30ml and the client manual.

DNA75C inside!

Therion BF mod offers the most current chip from Evolv, the DNA75C. Totally movable with Escribe programming and firmware upgradeable.

Brisk and simple refill

In the case of the Therion BF DNA 75C review is available likewise an amazing refill jug of 30ml, with some simple changes you can straightforwardly exchange the e-fluid from the 30ml container to the 10ml jug of the mod idea the 510 BF connector.

Lost VapeTherion BF DAN 75C Mod

On the front of the mod, we discover the fire catch, the TFT screen, up(or in addition to) catch, menu catch, down(or short) catch and the small scale USB charging/redesigning port.

The 510 base connector is made of stainless steel, sufficiently enormous to have atomizers up to 26mm without going over the mod edges.

Evacuating the mod cover will uncover the well form 10ml jug with the stainless-steel top on which we locate the “Lost Vape” composing. Likewise, after the container, we locate the second semi-front of the battery. One less this mod will get is that in order to access the battery storage you should evacuate the 10ml jug.

After we put the battery and the jug in, we can get to the mod usefulness. Five pushes on the fire catch to open and bolt the gadget.

On the essential screen, we found, start to finish: the battery rate, the utilized mod, the power(in watts mod), the voltage, the protection of the curl, the bolt and open symbol of the protection of the loop, the data symbol, pre-warm capacity symbol and settings symbol.

The mods bolstered are Watts, NiFethal 30, SS 430, SS 316L, Nickel 200, SS316 and Titanium. In Watts mod, we can get from 1W to 75W, one drawback of this dna75C is that you can’t change the decimals, the wattage will be a whole number.

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